Abundant Living after the Storm

Accomplish a dream goal of yours After surviving a life storm

I will teach you the steps to experiencing massive abundance in thirty days by teaching you how to achieve your goals using a system that can be duplicated for every goal that you desire!

My Story

I I have studied abundance for over 19 years. I have gone to several seminars and trainings to learn everything possible about the Law of Attraction

I had some success. I grew my business. I was able to travel the world.  Then I lost my child. I started to have a downslide which I attributed to my loss.

After going through a lot of healing, I realized that I had a cap on how much abundance I was allowing myself to receive.

My aha moment!

I had survivor’s guilt!

What is blocking you from receiving massive abundance? 

I realized that many of my clients needed to dive deeper to uncover the root of their blocks if they want to attract abundance.

This is a thirty day done with you course designed to teach you how to manifest one goal within thirty days

Find out what is holding you back

I have created an easy step by step process that will help you to keep achieving your goals

Feel massively abundant!

How to manifest abundance in thirty days using 4 easy steps
Have you ever come close to a goal but then everything fell apart?

Do you feel doubtful that manifesting can work for you?

Do you think that manifesting abundance is some woo woo unproven jargon used by spiritual coaches?

Abundance is not about manifesting a car or some quick cash

Abundance is an energy that can keep on giving that is available to you if you know how to access it

Spiritually speaking abundance is experiencing fullness in every aspect of life

The body, mind, and spirit feel full and at peace

This course is for you if you are needing help having a breakthrough in:

  • Relationships

  • Work

  • Mindset

  • Short term goals

  • Long term goals

  • Thirty days of massive abundance is designed to take you through accomplishing one goal within thirty days

  • The process can be used over and over to achieve more goals 

What is included in the Course:

  • Weekly group calls- Q and A included

  • One 1-hour session with me to make sure that you are having your breakthrough and moving forward with accomplishing your goal

  • Imagine having me holding your hand through the process

  • 4 modules – one module a week

    • Clarify your goal

    • Work through the blocks

    • Take a designated action steps

    • Fine tune your goal to increase success


EFT Scripts


Private Facebook group

Lifetime Access
so that you can repeat the process for all of your goals


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Do you

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Course Access + 1-Hour Session $247!

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