About Dr. Donna Lee

My Story...

I struggle with having low self esteem until I turned 30. I did not know my worth. I have suffered a lot of tragedy in my life. I was born poor. Sometimes we were homeless and hungry. By age 12, both of my parents passed. I was raised by abusive caretakers. I got pregnant at age 13. My son passed away when he turned 23 due to a brain tumor.


I was 37.

I have gone through many battles in my life. I used to think that life was unfair. I felt worthless. I struggled to raise my son. I was full of fear and doubt. I worried constantly. I was unsure of myself.

I found spirituality at age 29. It was an uncomfortable moment at first. Then I received the answers that I can not change what has happened. Yes, I can work towards making a better life for myself.

I was able to improve my self-esteem. I became a great cocreator. Before my son passed, I was able to show him an amazing life.

I know what it feels like to live a life full of doubt. I understand the struggle with relationships. I had to learn how to use my voice.

I started coaching at age 30. I have helped over 3700 women for the past 18 years learn to become their authentic self by stepping into a place of self-love and self-confidence.

Life is a journey with many unexpected twists and turns.


It is possible to live a life that without doubt, the fear of saying no, and with self-confidence.


I had to learn how to break my own glass ceiling.
So can you!

Training Credentials

  • Life West Chiropractic College 12/2001

  • BEST bio energetic synchronization technique 12/2005 Elite Master

  • University of Metaphysics 7/2005

  • Passion Test Facilitator  1/2007

  • EFT 1/2006 and 3/2015