BEST - bio energetic synchronization technique

                Make peace with your story!


BEST is a nonforce energy technique created by Dr. Ted Morter over 50 years ago. The philosophy is that thoughts affect our energy field which can affect our well being.

BEST is designed to balance the mind, body, and spirit. The goal is to balance the subconscious nervous that has unresolved and unhealed issues.

It is a technique widely used by healthcare practitioners and coaches.


BEST is great for

Confidence building, Stress relief, Peace of mind, increased spiritual awareness, and many more reasons to have a BEST session. 

It is a great adjunct to life coaching











An initial session is done for 75 dollars



Ongoing sessions are 50 dollars each



Unlimited BEST sessions are 200 dollars a month-come in as

often as you want during the month. 




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