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“ What was I thinking? Why did I stay so long in a relationship with a jerk? “ The Spiritual Woman&#

I talk to spiritual women all of the time who have somehow ended up with a guy who is just not good for them. I will just keep it real. They are dating a jerk, a liar, or a cheater. They are drained. They are completely emotionally exhausted trying to make a bad relationship work. No matter how hard they try, their partner is not improving. They are getting worse. I am often asked by a client how did she end up in this mess when she tried everything in her power to attract a great mate. She worked on herself, forgave people that needed to be forgiven, forgave herself, meditates, etc, etc. Still, she is attracting the wrong type of mate. The reason why a good spiritually intuned woman attract

The real reason why you might be having a hard time finding your soul mate

I know we just finished the Holiday season but Valentines Day is around the corner. It is the single most hardest day for me to work. I rather hide on Valentines Day. I can hear it already. The comments on “ why am I still single? “Everyone else has a partner except me. “ The sadness of feeling like they are missing out on receiving gifts and cards on V-Day triggers pain and disappointment that is also defeating. Most of my clients who call on Valentines Day are feeling the pinch of not having a partner. I try to tell them that Valentines Day is just one day. That it is easy to receive, cards, gifts and affection on a holiday because of the social peer pressure.Truthfully, it is what a perso

The five perks of showing up in 2017

Every new year it is the same old thing. Make new years resolutions in hopes that there will be follow through. The beginning of a new year often signifies hope and change for the better. Usually, after two months, the majority of people will give up on their resolutions. Often feeling defeated. The key to succeeding is to stop forcing a resolution to work. Being able to show up as your authentic self is the key to having a successful year full of completed goals without all of the stress. Trying to set a goal without the ability to be fully present with your feelings will end up in failure. It is important to have the self-awareness of any fears, doubts, criticisms in order to catch yourse

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