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You are enough!

" Am I enough " is a question that many ask themselves. Society can have an affect on how we view ourselves. In this video, I will explain that being enough is a state of mind.

How to cope with a depressed partner

If you are in a romantic relationship with a person who suffers for depression, it can be challenging at times. When a person is depressed, they will not always be able to be the partner that you need at the time. You can still have a great relationship with a person who is dealing with depression. The key is to be flexible along with compassionate.

When is he going to call

Today is Valentines Day which can be very emotional for some people who are single. I created this video on the most asked question " When is he going to call ?" If you find yourself waiting for that call, I hope that the information in the video will help you to understand how to handle the situation. I will do video blogs 5 days a week. Please feel free to join my email list to receive notifications when I post my next video blog. www.drdonnalee.com for information on coaching and my relationship course Clear your relationship blocks TM

How to feel better about your past relationhips

I know that often when a person has a relationship that turns out bad, they start to feel like a fool. Never feel bad. The experience of a bad relationships is to bring you into consciousness. Take the lessons and learn from them. Feel empowered.

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