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Is your emotional cup full?

Newsletter May 30, 2017 How do you fill your emotional cup? We all need to fill our own cup but sometimes that is hard to do. We have busy lives taking care of family, our careers and situations as they arrive. Time is limited. When we are giving so much of ourselves to everyone, there is often hope that it will be reciprocated. That is not always the case. Being a natural giver can lead to mental exhaustion. The key is to find balance and learn to say no without feeling guilty. It is not possible to be everything to everyone. It is ok to put your needs first. Filling our emotional cup is only possible when we make decisions that feed our soul. No one can fill our cup for us. We all know th

Who would you be if you felt completely worthy and deserving?

Last week I did a Facebook live that brought me to tears. I work with women on developing their self - worth. I remember prior to becoming a coach working on my own worthiness. As you already may know, my childhood had a lot of trauma and misfortune. I carried that energy in my subconscious for years. I had to do a lot of work on myself so that I can heal and feel that I was not doomed due to my circumstances. I learned from coaching that everyone has something to heal. I learned that feeling worthy and deserving is a common issue for many people regardless of their upbringing. Society has taught us to be humble. Being humble has been misunderstood. Humility has been turned into playing sma

How to feel positive when you are not feeling positive

What to do when you are not feeling so positive The belief that we are always supposed to think positive thoughts and feeling positive all of the time is actually making people stressed. I have even had clients become sad. They start to feel like a failure because they do not feel the positive vibe. It is not reality to feel positive when a person is going through a hard time or has past trauma. Being told to think positive when there is an emotional pain that is being experienced can be offensive. There is a way to become more positive. There are several steps to the point of feeling positive more often. It is not easy for some people. It will take time, healing, forgiveness and empowerm

How to grow spiritually and level up without fear

Are you ready to level up? Are you ready to expand your spiritual growth? Are you ready to risk people leaving your life because you are more successful than they are? Are you comfortable with people being triggered by your life? When we start to improve our life, the people around us can start to feel triggered and very uncomfortable with the changes that we are making. Sometimes, a person will delay their spiritual growth because they do not want to upset their friends and family. They definitely do not want to outgrow their romantic partner. Growth is not easy. Many emotions are felt. The fear of outgrowing the people around us is real because no one wants to hear from their loved

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