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Six things that people do that have set healthy boundaries in their life

Do you have proper boundaries? Setting boundaries are my life long spiritual lesson. I have to stay aware at all times to make sure that I am clear on my boundaries. Yesterday, I had a boundary challenge. I took a deep breath, thought about what was being asked of me. I was able to tell the person that I was unable to do what they were asking me to do. Spiritual growth is a journey that never ends. It takes daily awareness and practice. Enjoy my new blog on setting boundaries. Having boundaries can be tough. It requires being able to put your own needs first without feeling guilty. If you are a people pleaser and a peace keeper, setting boundaries is a hard thing to do. Yes, people will rese

Five ways that you might be seeking validation in your relationship that is actually ruining it and

Wanting to find a great partner and having that relationship work out is a desired goal that can drive a woman to make choices that end up leaving her feeling mentally drained instead of connected to her partner? Women have always had pressure in society to be everything to everyone. Relationships have been a way that has pushed some women to over please in order to feel validated and accepted. The fear of abandonment and being alone will cause a woman who is determined to be in a relationship make choices that hurt her and cause her to lose herself. Perfection is often a subconscious issue that pushes women to try to be everything that her mate desires. She does not always ask her partner w

How to stop taking things personally

It really isn't personal. Do you find yourself frustrated when a person does not respond to you right away after you have sent them a message? Do you feel as if he/she does not care because they are taking their time connecting with you? It is quite common for a person to take things personally when they are not receiving what they want. Not hearing a response from someone can make a person feel rejected, ignored or not cared for. Truthfully, it has to be remembered that everyone responds according to the level that they are comfortable with. Some people need time. They have to think through what was said to them or what is being asked of them. They have to check to make sure that they ar

How to stay motivated

Let's talk about motivation! How motivated are you? Do you read quotes all day, posts inspirational memes, and say affirmations but still can't keep the motivational fire going? Staying motivated is tough to do in the crazy busy world that we live in. Feeling stuck can happen when there is an obligation to go a job that is not liked or to stay in a relationship because it is not possible to leave it at the current time. Life happens! The goal is to look at life as a journey and not a destination. Know that there are good days and not so good days that will come. Staying motivated is about a long-term mindset. Not a quick feel-good outcome. It is a normal human desire to want to feel good a

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