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How to stop sabotaging your relationship out of fear

Sabotage is a sensitive subject because of the fact that people who sabotage view their behavior as a form of protection and logic instead of sabotage. It is a form of destruction due to wanting to prevent further pain by proving a point that things are going to go wrong so why not speed up the process. Yes, sabotage is about fear of things not working out and assuming it won’t work so the person sabotaging is just proving themselves to be right. It is a subconscious action. It is not even seen by the person doing it until after the damage is done. They can’t catch themselves in the act because there are reacting to past hurt and trauma. Yes, people beg and scream that they want to meet the

The one thing that I had to stop doing if I wanted to be happy

There are many things that I had to learn to do differently in life. I was the people pleaser, peacekeeper, and the martyr for many years. I never felt any benefit to playing such roles. Yes, I can look back and say that I did these things in hopes of being liked, loved and I was obviously seeking approval. My ego wanted to be known as a good person. Yes, it is ego that desires to be seen as a good person and to be liked by everyone. It left me feeling drained and empty. Sacrificing one’s self in hopes of receiving validation is a spiritual killer. There was something deeper that was going on within myself that really harmed my soul. I was playing small. Playing small is a done by both gen

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