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There will be bumps as you go through your transformation…what to do when your shift feels like it i

Making the decision to change your life isn’t easy. That is why many people avoid doing it. It is safe to not take action. But it leads to being stuck and eventually the feeling will become unbearable. Change will be forced upon you. It becomes a part of your spiritual walk to transform yourself. It was hard decision for me to leave my part time psychic business of 14 years in order to pursue coaching full time. It took me three years to do so. I had to jump in with both feet and it overwhelming at times. There have been a few bumps but in the process, I have become aligned to my true purpose. I understand how hard it is to decide to leave what is comfortable and safe behind in order to do w

Are you ready to get your “shift “together?

Since the beginning of this year, I have been talking about a huge spiritual shift that is going on. Many of us feel it. It is an overwhelming feeling but also a knowing that it is time to shift into our true selves. This shift caused me to leave the psychic platform that I have worked on for 14 years of my 16 years working as a professional psychic. Monday January 15th, I heard my inner voice say “it’s time “. I cried and released with gratitude for all of the clients that I read for. I am very grateful for what I have learned but I knew it was time to move on so that I can continue to facilitate in a way that is more effective. Where to start? It is the big question because I am sure that

I am a part of the big shift. What about you? I quit doing readings.

Last night I became overwhelmed with energy. I was emotional and nauseated. This happened after knowing that this year I would stop doing psychic readings. I spoke to a friend of mine. I told her that I could hear my spirit guides, my inner knowing that it was time to shift and quit doing readings. Last night was my last time working as a psychic. I will not do readings anymore not even on my private site. I knew that I felt guilt for leaving a platform that I have worked on for the past 14 years. I have known some of my clients for several years and have helped them with many issues. Some I was able to coach. Others just wanted a reading. I always knew that my gift was mean to be used for r

Why psychic predictions do not happen for some people

Because they actually need coaching along with their readings I have been working as a professional psychic and life coach for the past 16 years. I have been asked every imaginable question. I have watched many people predictions work out and for some people never receive what they want. It is estimated that psychics are about 85% accurate. I used to carry the burden of believing that if I and others are psychic then why can’t we be 100% accurate. I was at the beginning of my career when I thought such a naïve thing. Of course, some clients will blame us for being wrong. It goes with the job. Unfortunately, there are some people who see the psychic gift as fortune telling. I have had clients

Attention women there is a difference between being bossy and being assertive

Even in 2018, women are still struggling with trying to be nice instead of speaking their truth. I hear it over and over that they do not want to be seen as pushy, bossy and certainly not a b*tch. It stems from not feeling worthy of speaking her truth and asking for what she wants. The problem is that it causes her to shrink. She will never be able to co create and manifest her desired life because she is not being clear. She is hoping that things will work out for her as long as she is nice and patient. There are four main reasons why women are not being assertive. All reasons are fear based. 1.They want to be seen as different from other women. I hear it a lot from women that they are tryi

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