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Embracing your authentic woo self

Embracing your woo A reality check for the spiritual woman/goddess I have to admit it. I have been coaching and doing psychic readings for the past 18 years. I recently quit the platform that I did readings on. I have to admit why I stayed on the platform so long. Working on the platform was a great place to hide. I did my psychic readings on the platform. And I did my spiritual coaching and my private business. I kept the two separate. I did that on purpose. But it was subconscious. Deep down inside I was hiding from myself, from my truth, and who I'm supposed to be in the world. I grew up wanting to be a medical doctor. I loved science. Science was everything to me. I love biology. I loved

Five things that you need to know if you are going to work as an empath.

If you're going to work as an empath there are five things that you need to know. I have worked as a professional psychic with many gifts for the past 18 years. I my gifts blend it with coaching. I had to learn a lot of hard lessons along the way.During the past 18 years I have also worked and helped a lot of other clients who had psychic gifts. The majority of them were empaths. They were often overwhelmed with what they were feeling. They did not know how to differentiate their thoughts and feelings from other people. They were often introverted in order to protect themselves. The five things that I have listed are the most important to focus on if you're going to work as an empath. Your s

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