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The reason why spiritual practitioners do not feel comfortable charging for their services

I have worked as a spiritual practitioner for over 18 years. I had no idea what I was getting into. I learned many tough lessons. I had to constantly learn boundaries with clients and my peers. I had friends asking for free readings. I had clients say that they were broke but they need to talk to me. I had people who wanting to buy me coffee so that they can pick my brain. I had peers who wanted to exchange readings. Often, I gave more than I received. Truthfully, I was not strong enough to be doing this type of work. Yes, I was gifted. I could do accurate readings. That is not enough to survive in the spiritual world. The spiritual community is diverse. There isn’t a school like Harry Potte

Lessons learned from my past experience as a desperate coach wanting to make it online

I have been doing intuitive coaching for the past 18 years. I spent the first 13 years coaching in a nice cocoon. I had all of the clients that I wanted. I worked in a small private local practice that I created and a private online platform. I was busy. I started to become exhausted. I would eventually burnout. Also, the platform controlled how I coached. I wanted to expand my reach. Of course, that meant learning social media. I found social media to be very overwhelming. I went from being a big fish in a medium size pond to being a nobody. I was just another wannabe coach trying to grow a business. I was confused about how to do it. I followed every business coach and guru on Facebook.

How to be successful if your are a multi- passionate entrepreneur

I have always been multi passionate. I have had coaches tell me to niche better. I have paid for my share of business programs in the past. I was always frustrated. Nothing resonated for me. I would pick a niche and change my mind in a week. I am sure that I frustrated the coach that I bought the programs from. There are steps to picking a niche. No matter how many times, I went through the process, I felt that I was not fulfilled. I would flip flop. I would look for the coach for answers to what should I focus on. I was not being honest with myself. I always knew that I could not find peace focusing on one niche in my business. I have a major niche. I have sub niches also. Once I realized t

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