Get Your Shift Together
Coaching Program

Gain unstoppable confidence by

making peace with your story

If you feel doubtful

If you are feeling stuck

If you are feeling that everything is falling apart in your life

It is time to get in alignment by creating a long-lasting shift in your life by making peace with your story


You do not need to drop everything and go on an endless spiritual expedition hoping for answers and clarity

You can gain the clarity, self -confidence and love yourself by taking effective steps to help you break your own glass ceiling
You have gone through a lot in life
Maybe you have been hurt, betrayed and abused
Maybe you did not receive the love that you needed and deserved growing up
That does not define you
You are bigger than your story
You can have the breakthrough that you desire

No more wanting to change your life
but not knowing where to start.


Start to feel grounded and self-assured.

Love yourself and be your best friend. 

Start trusting your own intuition. 


Get your shift together is a course
that is designed to gain clarity.


It is a path to awakening to become your authentic self

You are a woman who has gone through a lot on her
life’s journey

You were meant to do more in life!


You have struggled with finding your path

Played small

Been betrayed

Sabotaged out of fear

Felt hopeless

Can't attract your desired partner

Have past pain to heal

Need to change your mindset


Wondered what’s next and hoping that it is not another situation causing you to feel sideswiped


Learn how to attract your ideal mate by being your authentic self. 

Be in the driver seat in your life!
Get your crown back!

This program will help you find your individual strategy by:


Identifying and clearing any blocks

Having a clear sense of self and direction

Becoming more assertive

Learn to love yourself unconditionally


Co-create with the universe so that you can

create your ideal life

Be in the driver seat in your life!
Get your crown back!

This is a 6-month guided group coaching program
that is designed to be a mindset makeover.

You will learn how to:

  • Let go of non-working beliefs

  • Identify how you lost your crown

  • Easily address unhealed pain

  • Surviving the betrayal, hurt, pain, guilt, divorce, break ups

  • Heal abandonment & feeling inadequate

  • Manifest your well-deserved life

  • Stop the self-criticism

  • How to communicate effectively

  • Have great and realistic expectations for your life

  • Shift into empowerment

  • Fully understand your relationship blocks

  • Feel deserving of love

  • Practicing forgiveness

  • Improve your self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem

  • Assertiveness

  • Give and receive love

  • Goal setting

You are not alone!
I am here guiding and coaching you in a group setting.