Get Your Shift Together Course™

How to get unstuck and quit feeling like you can't change your life

without dropping everything and going on a spiritual retreat for a year.

You might feel hopeless, tired and as if nothing in your life will get better.

You are enough!

Start Shining!

Be authentic without apology!

No more excuses!

No more wanting to change your life but not knowing where to start.

Start to feel grounded and self-assured. Love yourself and be your best friend. Start trusting your own intuition. 

Get your shift together is a course that is designed to gain clarity.

It is a path to awakening to become your authentic self

You are a woman who has gone through a lot on her life’s journey
You were meant to do more in life!


You have struggled with finding your path

Played small

Been betrayed

Sabotaged out of fear

Felt hopeless

Can't attract your desired partner

Have past pain to heal

Need to change your mindset



Wondered what’s next and hoping that it is not another situation causing you to feel sideswiped



Learn how to attract your ideal mate by being your authentic self.






Get your crown back!

This program will help you find your individual strategy by:


Identifying and clearing any blocks

Having a clear sense of self and direction

Becoming more assertive

Learn to love yourself unconditionally


Co-create with the universe so that you can

create your ideal life

This is a 6-week program designed to be a
spiritual makeover.

You will learn how to:

  • Let go of non-working beliefs

  • Identify how you lost your crown

  • Easily address unhealed pain

  • Surviving the betrayal, hurt, pain, guilt, divorce, break ups

  • Heal abandonment & feeling inadequate

  • Manifest your well-deserved life

  • Stop the self-criticism

  • How to communicate effectively

  • Have great and realistic expectations for you life

  • Shift into empowerment

  • Fully understand your relationship blocks

  • Feel deserving of love

  • Practicing forgiveness

  • Improve your self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem

  • Assertiveness

  • Give and receive love

  • Goal setting

Let's go beyond the traditional to do additional self - work!


What is included in the program?

6 Module Program Makeover

6 weeks of focused spiritual work which is a step by step process to work through various blocks, get clear, set goals and emerge as an empowered Goddess.


  • Weekly support in a group setting

  • We will identify personal blocks and how they are affecting you

  • Clearing your blocks by many spiritual modalities

  • Homework

  • Strategy

  • Goal Setting

  • Follow through

  • Healing is empowering!

  • Facebook group for ongoing support

Many spiritual modalities including EFT will be used along with my 15 years of coaching experience to help you to put your life in a healthy direction.






Choose the best payment option for you.




Let's Get Started!

Let's Get Started!

Module 1

Identifying and clearing personal blocks

Learn to identify your blocks

Let go of feeling doubtful

Change your thinking and change your life

Learn how to stop sabotaging

Trust your judgment

Root Chakra work to help you to stay

aligned with your true purpose

Module 2

Healing the pain
Solar Plexus Chakra

Course Modules

Module 3

Reclaiming your crown
Setting boundaries
Clear communication
Throat Chakra work
How to expect good things
Raise your vibration
Learn to shine

Module 4

Increasing your intuition
How to stay aware
Trusting your judgment
How to make decisions
Losing the doubt
Third Eye Chakra work
Crown Chakra work

Module 5

Co creating with the universe
How to ask for what you want 
Healing the lack mindset
Visualization process
Setting goals
Losing the fear of competition
Sacral Chakra work

Module 6

Healing your relationships

Feeling worthy and deserving of love

Feeling safe giving love

Feeling safe receiving love

Attracting a soulmate

How to have a healthy romantic relationship

Healthy friendships

Heart Chakra work

Choose the best payment option for you.




Let's Get Started!

1 week money back guarantee.  Lifetime access to the course. Results may vary according to a person's background, actions

the capacity to heal and dedication




1 week money back guarantee.  Lifetime access to the course. Results may vary according to a person's background, actions

the capacity to heal and dedication

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I invest in your course? 
I know that it is hard to know what course to invest in because there are so many of us spiritual coaches creating courses. I can’t speak for other courses and what they offer. I can say that my course is multi-dimensional. It will address various issues that I have seen as a life coach for the past 16 years.

Will I have access soon as I buy the course?
Yes, the course is a lifetime access course. You will have access right after buying it. I will do live course rounds and you have the option to join in on the live rounds.

What spiritual modalities do you use in the course?
There is a lecture. Many spiritual modalities will be used including EFT and meditation. There are also worksheets to fill out. 

What is your intention for the course?
My intention is to show women that they can heal, create a shift. and become more spiritually aware in the main areas of their life. Healing is safe and empowering. It does not have to be so heavy and draining to heal. I want to teach women how to release anger, hurt and pain so that they can allow for joy to enter their life. The goal is to help women to see that they can be the person that they have always dreamed of without feeling apologetic.

Do you offer any guarantees with buying your course?
I can’t offer any guarantee because every person is different. We all respond differently to healing and self-awareness. One person might have an aha right away. Some people need more time and some people are blocked and need a lot more time. The effectiveness of the course is based on one’s effort to do the work. We all heal in our own time.

Will I have personal access to you if I have any questions?
This is a group course. All questions are asked and answered by the group. I will do Facebook live every week in the group during the live rounds. If you need individual help, you can schedule a one on one for my listed fee. The group operates as a support system towards each other.  What you are experiencing other women might be going through the same experience which makes it ideal to mention it to the group. It is a great way to gain support

Why did you decide to make it a group course?
Women need a tribe. They need to be around women who are ready to heal and take control of their lives. As a group, women can create a supportive sisterhood. One on one coaching is great but group support adds a whole new level to healing. It shows the person that they are not alone.

Do you offer refunds?
There is a refund for the first week meaning within 7 days of purchase of the course if you have not accessed more than two modules. If you access more than two modules than a refund will not be issued.


Dr. Donna has been a part of my journey for many years.  She is always encouraging and never judgmental of anything!  I feel she recognizes that your path is your own and will be there with you as you take each step.  When you feel you have mis-stepped, she will show you how you benefited and learned, so that you can see that you did not misstep at all – that it was for your overall benefit and continued growth and transformation.  A true gem, Dr. Donna is!  A coach and a friend who will tell you the way it is.  No sugar-coating!  But she is always gentle with her words of truth.  I highly recommend contacting Dr. Donna to see if she is the right fit for you!  ~ Noel CANADA  


I've been working with Dr. Donna for almost 3 years now. When I first became a client I was really looking for a prediction (like many who first encounter a psychic). However, through my journey of speaking with Dr. Donna and looking for answers I've learned, grown and uncovered that there is so much more to life and so much more I have to still learn and do for myself before I can get to the desired outcome, and that it's really all up to me. I decide what my future looks like. I've learned to forgive and let go of some of (as some would label) the most unforgivable things. I think for me, the most important lesson was self-love. I didn't fully understand what that would involve and just how much I needed to love myself and put myself first. So, expecting some predictions, almost 3 years after meeting Dr. Donna turned into a life-changing thing. I am forever grateful, to whatever force it was that led me to this person. Every day, I come across situations where I remember what Dr. Donna taught me. E. L.


I was talking to a friend about life yesterday and we were discussing how crazy our days are.  She asked me what has helped me? As I was telling my friend I realized how much Dr. Lee has helped me in all aspects of my life from career to personal and financial.  I started treatment with Dr. Lee about 3 years ago. She helped me stay Centered at all times. I recommend her to Everyone Dr. Reema Zereh


Have Questions? 
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1 week money back guarantee.  Lifetime access to the course. Results may vary according to a person's background, actions

the capacity to heal and dedication




Choose the best payment option for you.




Let's Get Started!

Let's Get Started!

1 week money back guarantee.  Lifetime access to the course. Results may vary according to a person's background, actions

the capacity to heal and dedication