How to go from feeling unsure and burned out to being a fully aligned multi passionate practitioner

Yes, you can be aligned even as a practitioner with more than one niche

You are spiritual practitioner that has many passions

You want to serve many people in several spiritual capacities

But you are having a hard time balancing your business and preventing being burned out because you do not know how to prioritize your many passions

Every passion of yours matters equally to you

You have found many ways to serve your clients in a fulfilling spiritual manner


There is a feeling of overwhelm at times which can lead to being burned out

Maybe you have tried many business systems hoping to find a way to balance your business

I, myself have tried many business systems. They may have been great for many people but it is hard fitting into a box when you are a multi passionate practitioner

The end result is that you might feel like you are not going to have the spiritual practice of your dreams

You might feel you are not being understood

You might even feel overwhelmed, a little scattered and unsure if anyone can help you

It is hard to prioritize your niche when you have many passionate ways that you want to serve your clients

I remember feeling this way...

I remember feeling like a failure

Multi passionate practitioners are not failures

We need a different approach to business

I tried many systems that do work for many people, but I always felt unsettled

I could not choose one niche

I felt that I was changing my mind every week

When I felt that I had the answer of what niche to focus on, I felt unsettled

I watched my single niche peers feel settled

I did not have that feeling

I have always coached and did readings for people who had various issues

I use a few energy modalities also

I had several niches that I was serving

I have had my a few of one niche peers call me too woo woo and even flighty

Being multi passionate is not flighty!

Spiritual practitioners are often multi passionate

We help where it is needed. Often us spiritual practitioners believe that we attract clients who needs us regardless of the niche

We end up serving everyone who comes our way

You might be wondering how do you create a successful practice without feeling overwhelmed and burned out if you are going to serve more than one niche

Maybe you are pondering how to balance your many passions so that you can help people your way and not according to a fixed business model

Grappling with the possibility that your dream practice may never happen

It can feel puzzling on what to do next

Doubt can creep in

While other spiritual practitioners seem to be thriving in their business

You might start to wonder when is your turn

You do not have to wonder anymore

I have created a system that works for us, multi-passionate spiritual businesswomen

The ability to prioritize your niches to yield optimum results in your practice

The problem of feeling out of balance will fade away

The struggle with being able to attract the number of clients that you desire will become easier because you will know how to co-create even with having multi passions

My system literally takes you from doubt and overwhelmed to feeling truly aligned with your business without sacrificing any of your passions

My System

Multi passionate spiritual practitioner mindset business training

The ultimate getting your shift together program

It takes a shift in mindset in order to have a thriving multi passion practice

Who am I and why you should listen to me?

I am a multi passionate spiritual practitioner with over 18 years of professional experience.

I have enjoyed having a practice that consists of doing psychic readings, coaching, reiki, massage and energetic modalities. I have coached in many niches at the same time.

I used to feel overwhelmed. I was so caught up in thinking that I had to choose one niche. I could not commit to one niche. I developed a system that allows me to be successful in many niches at the same time

I have been able to stay true to myself and succeed professionally

Now I feel unapologetic joy in my business.

Now I can do multi niche launches back to back without feeling scattered

My clients connect to me because I am being authentic about who I am instead of following a system that is not aligned with me.

I know first hand the struggle of being multi passionate and being told over and over that I need to focus on one niche.

I remember that feeling of being lost

Not any longer!

I have successfully done over 100k readings and coaching sessions online while having a part time energetic practice for several years.

I know that you might be thinking that you can’t multi task several niches because you have tried many times to do so

Yes, you can!

It is easier that you think. You just need to change your mindset

Giving yourself permission to be you authentic multi passionate self will help you to co create your dream business

My course Get your multi passionate shift together is a mindset course that will help you to package all of your business knowledge in to practice in a way that serves you personally

You are an individual that needs to create an individual system for you

Get your multi passionate shift together is unique because it addresses the problems that multi passionate professionals have

It is specifically designed to help you to feel like a leader who is organized and comfortable being in your multi passionate skin

No more feeling like you are not aligned to success because you have many passions

My course is delivered in a way that makes you feel understood

Imagine feeling energize instead of burned out

Imagine having unstoppable confidence which will attract more clients

Imagine having boundaries that work in your multi passionate practice

Leading to being organized and feeling like a leader helping to make the world a better place

Be a multi passionate and multi-tasking successful spiritual business woman

No more hustling because you are now aligning

The process is specifically designed for you the multi passionate practitioner who has more than one niche that you are passionate about

The delivery will make you feel understood and connected to your authentic spiritual self

This is what is included in this life changing course

My program consists of 16 weeks of specialized and thorough mindset training to cover all of the needs of a practitioner with more than one niche

  • Clarity work-organize your dream business

  • Clearing your blocks to reveal your unique spiritual business mindset

  • Opening up to your authentic self -unapologetically you

  • Releasing the need to sabotage due to feeling overwhelmed

  • Soul work-honoring your calling

  • Going deep to heal your story

  • Reconnecting with your higher self

  • Confidence work-charge what you deserve

  • Alignment-to create a successful practice

  • Getting rid of indecisiveness

  • Assertiveness training for success

  • Manifesting and co-creating your ideal business model, blending passions to create a successful business outcome, ideal clients, healing the lack mindset

  • How to serve-be a confident practitioner/coach

  • Niche work

  • Packaging your services

  • Planning and organization in your business for long term success

  • Time management to release feeling scattered

  • Launching your woo woo

  • Success principles-allow for consistent abundance

  • Ongoing support


  • Lifetime group support

  • I am live in the group with weekly office hours


$2,500 or 5 payments of $500

Pay in full receive two free one on one sessions to use anytime

One-on-one Option Also Available

12 One-on-One Sessions




Is your course another business systems course?

No. I am offering a course that deals with mindset work and strategy for the multi passionate spiritual business woman. 

A multi passionate practitioner has several niches that they use to serve their clients. They might coach relationships, business, soul work etc.

What do you mean by multi passionate?
What is the intention of your course?

The purpose is to address the many issues that come up for multi passion healers. We do not fit into a neat little box. We are unique. Having many interests and not wanting to sacrifice any of our passions. Often, we are called flighty and indecisive when we are actually overwhelmed. I created a mindset system that will address how the multi passionate healer can be the most efficient and successful

Coaches, psychics, intuitives, soul workers, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and any alternative practitioner who work included spirituality

Which practioners
is your course for?

No. I am in the course live with weekly office hours answering your questions in a group session. My intent is to be a support system for multi passionate healers. We need hand holding when we feel overwhelmed.

Is this another do it yourself course?

You can purchase and book one on one sessions with me on my website. One on One sessions are a separate charge.

What if I need one on one support?

You have one week to decide if my course is right for you

Do you offer a refund in case this course is not for me?