It’s Your Time to Rise From the Ashes!

Heal your life story through coaching

Do you want to create a shift in your life?

Are you ready for the next step?


Psychic readings and psychic life coaching can help with many life issues

Including relationships, mindset, stress relief,

setting goals, coaching, etc

Compassionate one on one confidential coaching and psychic readings to help you live your ideal life.

I am here to help people who are ready to

1.Take responsibility for their own life

     2. Raise their vibration so that they can 

attract their ideal life

             3. Willing to take massive action in their lives




Note:  I will use my gifts for your

benefit.To help you to grow and develop into your ideal person. I will provide strategy and help you to have solutions.

I give proactive readings.

Spiritual Life Coaching

and intuitive readings

Note: I do use my intuitive and psychic gifts with

EFT  when doing Coaching sessions. 


Each session is 55 minutes long



Receive special attention

Each Session is 55 minutes long

Payment plans available


4 follow up emails.

2-month payment plan 388x2

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14 follow up emails

Calling in your soulmate course for free

3 month payment plan 775x3

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Chakra course for free

8 follow up emails 

2 month payment plan 778x2

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