Psychic Life Coaching

I combine my psychic readings with spiritual life coaching. The goal is to empower the client.

My sessions are proactive


We have options on our life path. Not everything is written in stone. I will read in detail for you but add my coaching with it to achieve the best outcome for you.

My sessions are designed to help you to help to

create your ideal spiritual career path

You have to be willing to do the inner work so that you can achieve the best outcome for your life.

I will help you to get clear on your nice

If you are multi-niche, I can help you to make sure that you are clear

Each session will help you to have a clear path to being a professional spiritual practitioner

No venting or spinning your wheels. Instead, real action steps to empower you

Be willing to work on letting go of blocks that are preventing you from being your best

      I will help you with:

     Aligning to your niche


     Business steps that lead to success

     How to coach clients

     Mindset business 


12 One-hour Sessions
(no email follow up)


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