Resilient Goddess Coaching Program

It is possible to rise above the ashes and be a resilient woman who allows for abundance and to thrive without apology

You are a woman who has weathered many life storms

You have found yourself rebuilding your life after rising above the ashes

You want to feel empowered

You have been told that you are a strong woman that many admire for being able to make it through so many life’s changes

But you know that you are ready for more

You want to be even more successful

Rising above tough life situations can lead to exhaustion

Burnout does occur

You are ready to not only heal but thrive

You have dreams to make a reality

Perhaps you have children that you need to keep pushing ahead for

You have tried many things to help you move forward

Still something is missing...

The missing link to ….

grow more

live fully at 100%

and to make every goal on your vision board a reality

The old pain creeps up

Some days you might feel excited and ready to take on the world

You are hopeful

Due to past pain, it is easy to have down moments

Just getting through the day can become the main goal

You do not have to do it alone

I am a psychic spiritual life coach who has weathered many storms including the loss of my only child

I understand what if feels like to be at the emotional bottom

I struggle with how to continue living and thriving after going through a major storm

I had to battle survivors’ guilt and give myself permission to be happy and abundant

I have coached many women who have weathered many storms including divorce, infidelity, betrayal and other tough situations

I understand what it means to heal 

My calling is to serve and help other women to make it through their toughest moment

My coaching program includes:

These sessions are for help with

  • 12 one on one sessions

  • EFT and Reiki included during the sessions as needed

  • Setting goals and feeling safe accomplishing them

  • Healing work

  • Resilient Goddess Course

  • 30 days to massive abundance course

  • Ongoing group support


Your Investment: $3,500