The Resilient Goddess
Group Course

You can be resilient after the storm

Getting your shift together

It is possible to go from doubt, hurt, pain, and doubt to thriving after a life altering event without needing to go on a yearlong spiritual expedition

You have gone through a lot!

You are wondering what’s next


How do you go on after going through a heartbreaking life event?

It’s time to make peace with your story so that you can create a positive shift in your life after going through a major life event

Be in the driver seat in your life!
You are a woman who has gone through a major
life event
You want to feel confident again
You want to feel hopeful again
You want your life back on track
You have been told that time will heal what you are going through but you are not feeling better yet
You want to feel good so that you can create your deserved life

But you do not know where to start

You might have felt 

  • Overwhelmed

  • Sad

  • Hopeless

  • Confused

  • Hurt 

  • And even angry! know that it is time to get your life back after the storm that you have gone through

You tried 

  • Counseling

  • Self-help books

  • Support groups

  • You have even tried to do your own spiritual work  


But….you are not feeling life your authentic empowered self

You might have felt like you were failing because you were feeling...

  • sad most of the time

  • did not have a strategy to regain your life

  • nothing seems to make you feel better


Then maybe your tried

  • Getting coaching

  • Setting goals

  • Reading more self-help books 

  • Anything and everything to help you cope with loss, divorce, hurt or with any life altering event that you might have gone through

You tried everything to create a shift after the storm.

What to do now!

How do you get your shift together after going through a tough life event?

And now you sit there 

Wondering what to do next
Pondering how to get your life back on track
Grappling with the possibility that you will be stuck
Trying to figure out what else can you do to feel better
Doubting if you will ever have the life that you desire because nothing had resonated that you have tried

While other women who have gone through an emotional event that changed their life seem to:
Smile again after a major loss
Attract a new partner
Bounce back after going through a painful event
Create a life that they are happy with after thinking that nothing will get better

All because they found a way to reconnect with their higher self so that they can manifest their dream life

You do not have to feel stuck any longer!

I have developed a system that takes away
Feeling stuck
Feeling hopeless
The struggle to find your way back to being your authentic spiritual self

It will literally take you from feeling doubtful to thriving after the life altering event that you have gone through!

Without needing to drop everything to go on a spiritual expedition in order to find yourself!

The resilient Goddess



Who am I & why you should listen to me?

I am a spiritual intuitive mindset coach with over 20 years of experience working with women to heal their story after their life-altering event
I have gone through my own personal storms
I have experienced a major loss, hurt, and betrayal in my life
I had to do the work to find my way back to feeling hopeful after so much pain
I have lived through the storm!
I have had to go to work and put on a smile after planning the funeral of my only child
That painful experience taught me that you can not fake it and expect to heal
I know the importance of healing when it hurts so bad
I am you!
I have been abused, betrayed and had my life thrown upside down

I know what you are thinking...

Not another program. You have tried so many things to feel better. You might even feel that it won’t work for you. 

The self-help spiritual industry is full of great support but….

I have lived it personally.

I had to create a program that will allow me and other women to bounce back because life keeps on moving even when you want to sit still 

Even when you rather be numb.

I get it!

Let me show you how this group program is unlike anything that you have tried!


My course is focused on having a real breakthrough leading to a new sense of direction.

The process is designed to give you the confidence, clarity and empowerment so that you can lead your life fearlessly.

The delivery is clear and direct.

You will know that you are transforming leading to a reconnection with your higher self that you thought was lost due to what you had gone through

The Resilient Goddess


12 weeks of intense modules designed to …..

  • Help you identify what is holding you back

  • Healing the pain

  • Story work – making peace with your story

  • How to move forward after thinking that your life is over

  • How to design a new life plan

  • Effective mindset work

  • Intuitive work

  • Assertiveness training

  • Rebuilding yourself after the storm

  • Inner work to make sure that you 

  • Effective manifesting, goal setting and co creating with the universe so that you will feel unstoppable

  • Relationship healing

  • Let go of non-working beliefs

  • Identify how you lost your crown

  • Easily address unhealed pain

  • Surviving the betrayal, hurt, pain, guilt, divorce, break ups

  • Heal abandonment & feeling inadequate

  • Manifest your well-deserved life

  • Stop the self-criticism

  • How to communicate effectively

  • Have great and realistic expectations for your life

  • Shift into empowerment

  • Fully understand your relationship blocks

  • Feel deserving of love

  • Practicing forgiveness

  • Improve your self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem

  • Assertiveness

  • Give and receive love

  • Goal setting

  • Mindfulness work to help you deal with daily life and to level up

  • Abundance work

What is included in the Course:

•    Ongoing guided coaching
•    FB group for ongoing support
•    Weekly call/FB live for question and answers in a group setting
•    Mindfulness work
•    Worksheets each step of the way to keep you on track and to reveal your progress
•    Group EFT
•    Group energy/ Chakra work
•    Lifetime access to the course

Why should I invest in your course? 
What spiritual modalities do you use in the course?
Do you offer any guarantees with buying your course?
Why did you decide to make it a group course?
Will I have access soon as I buy the course?
What is your intention
for the
Will I have personal access to you if I have any questions?
Do you

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