EFT - The Tapping Points

The beauty of EFT is how easy it is to use. Here is a list of the tapping points. They are meridians on the body and the emotions that correlate to the points.

These are the most common points that are used during tapping

KC: karate chop- side of the hand- small intestine m,psychological reversal, sorrow, sadness, joy

E: eyebrow - above the eye - bladder m,impatience, restlessness, frustration, peace, calm, serenity

SE: side of the eye - gall bladder m, rage, fury, love and forgiveness

UE: under the eye - stomach m, disgust, disappointment, greed, emptiness, nausea, hunger,contentment

UN: under the nose - governing vessel m., embarrassment, pride

CH: chin - conception vessel, shame, worthiness

C: collarbone - kidney m., fear of intimacy, sexual security

UA: under the arm - spleen/pancreas, worry, anxiety, faith, confidence

Top of the head - none

Additional tapping points

Thymus - thymus m, fear, love

Back of the neck

Sore spot: upper corner of the front of the shoulder - rejection, acceptance

9 gamut procedure: tapping on the five fingers starting with the thumb, eyes closed, eyes open, look down to the right, look down to the left, humm for a few seconds, count to 5, humm again for a few seconds.

Thumb - lung m., judgement, humility

Index finger - large intestine m., self hatred, guilt, self worth

Middle finger - pericardium., jealousy, regret, sexual tension, relaxation

Ring finger - none

Pinky - heart m., anger, love, forgiveness

Gamut - dent in the hand between pinky and ring finger - thyroid m., despair, grief, loneliness, elation

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