The key to abundance

Abundance, sometimes called the Law of Attraction, is the belief that we can attract abundance into our lives using a few simple steps. First, there is a need to do some personal homework. Once we have done some ‘housekeeping’ we can begin the important work of attracting what we want into our lives.

Have you ever felt discouraged, worried or fearful? These negative thoughts and feelings are obstacles to abundance. It is important to release these obstacles first. Options to release negative thoughts by meditating, journal, forgiveness, etc before the work of attracting abundance will begin. We actually need to retrain ourselves to believe in the possibility of abundance in our lives.

We need to learn that we are worthy of abundance and that we deserve to be happy and prosperous. Once we have cleared away the dusty negative thoughts, we can follow these steps to Abundance:-Sincerely ask the Divine, the Angels, Energy Life Force or Creator, for help. You can’t do this alone!

-Be clear about what you want, stating it in the present tense. For example: “I have all the money I need to support my life and to share with others, with lots left over”.

-Be sure you believe it is possible to achieve the abundance you want. This takes practice.-Listen for, then follow immediately, the Divine directions you receive to achieve the abundance you want. This guidance often comes in step by step instructions

.-Avoid any logical thinking that says it’s impossible to achieve abundance. -

When you get direction you might not think it is really abundance, but clearing away unresolved personal issues first, is the key to attracting abundance into your life. For example, you might get strong direction to get more exercise. This will elevate your energy and attract more abundance

.-Become comfortable with abundance. Do this by keeping an abundance journal. Record all the great examples of abundance in your life, even the little things.

-Make a road map describing your plan for attracting abundance into your life. -Be sure to avoid self-sabotage like forgetting to ask for help or letting fear and worry interfere with your abundance.

-Abundance is more likely to manifest if you have learned how to give and accept help, time, money, resources and friendship. Being able to give and receive is key to attracting abundance. Abundance is a daily positive attitude about life and about your worthiness to receive prosperity and happiness. Discover your path to Abundance for lasting happiness and a full heart of Love.