By The Time You Finish Reading This Article, You Will Know Why You Might Be Stuck

I hear it all of the time from clients that they are feeling stuck. They do not like Mondays because it means leaving the escape of the weekend and going back to a job that they do not like. Some feel stuck in their relationship because and fear leaving due to financial reasons or the fear of being alone.

The top four reasons people feel stuck

Looking for the perfect moment. The fear of making a move to create change is often scary because of not wanting to make a mistake. The perception of believing that either you get it right or you are wrong is nothing but a trap to stay in the same place. This often this leads to sadness, insecurity and feeling like a victim of a crappy life. The desire for perfection is nothing but misery because it keeps a person waiting to make the right move at the perfect time although the right time does not exist. Your belief that you are only to make the right move or else do not take action at all is where the problem lies. Having fear of regret and feeling bad during the transition to change is what holds a person back.

Fear of change. You dream about change but really you are scared to death of things not being familiar. Even crappy situations feel safe because they are familiar. What makes familiarity so great? Is that it is predictable so you know what to expect. As a psychic, I know that some people want a blow by blow of what is going to happen next so that they are in control and not thrown off guard. The fear of not being able to control is why it is hard to change. Control does not really exist. See change as a fluid action because eventually life will throw us all a curve ball to make us change what is not working for us so you might as well step up and create the change that is desired.

You are playing small so that your friends do not see you as being snotty. Yep I have done it myself. That desire to fit in and to not appear as you are looking down on your friends and family causes you to hold back a lot. You know. Do good but not too well. Get a lateral promotion but not a full on promotion because you do not want your friends who are having a hard time to feel bad. You will talk down your success to make sure that you are not isolating your friends because you do not want them to judge you or leave you out. There comes a time when we have to decide to shine no matter how uncomfortable it feels. One of the major reasons why a person fears aging is because they realize how much time they have wasted on not pursuing their dreams because of the many excuses that they have made. Not wanting to outshine is the biggest excuse of them all.

You are trying to make sure that you do not outshine your romantic partner. I have observed women play small so that they do not succeed more than their partner because they do not want to emasculate their man and lose their relationship. It becomes a mental work out to know how far you get to succeed before you feel that you are surpassing your partner. As a woman, society has taught us to know our place. Somehow becoming successful will make a woman lose her feminine energy and become a dude. Then she is at risk of losing her relationship because she is not the sexy woman anymore if she is super successful. Now she is emasculating her partner and become a b*tch in charge. I have heard this sad song many times. Under it all there is need to for women to be nice and feminine. Having a powerful career is male energy. A true male partner will support you. If he is easily emasculated by your success, then you are with the wrong person. Anyone who tells you to stay in your place and not grow is not for you.

There are many reasons why people say that they are unable to get unstuck and change. It boils down to fear. When the fear sets in, ask yourself if the fear is more important than living a life that you can be happy with and feel peaceful about. Waking up every day feeling bad because you are not where you want to be is a mental prison.

Remember that growth feels uncomfortable and awkward. There won’t be signs right away that you are doing the right thing. It is a walk of faith. Faith in yourself and knowing that you deserve more in life. Get away from negative people because they will never have anything good to say. They are doubting their own life. It is important to surround yourself around people who are willing to takes chances in life. Our energy feeds off of each other. It is okay to let go of people who are enabling you to stay stuck. Truthfully, you are the only one who can hold you back. Choose to make it easier to change by bei