I was unknowingly making a mistake that started to turn my life upside down

Finally I am getting the best sleep that I have had in a long time. I had the type of sleep that is heavenly the last four nights. I have struggled with sleep a lot lately. I would wake up in the middle of the night staring at the dark walls hoping to fall back to sleep. I always woke up tired after I did fall back to sleep. I would blame my hormones because they are in the process of being balanced. I went to various health care professionals and even tried a prescription and over the counter natural supplements. Nothing worked! My blood pressure was rising due to the lack of sleep.

I started to get a little bit of anxiety. I blamed my busy work schedule and not having the proper help to run my business. I was attracting unreliable people. Usually, I am a happy person. All of a sudden, I was tired often. I could not meditate for long and I was feeling stuck. Then I asked myself what is going on in my life. I did not know the answer at first. It was not obvious.

Then I looked at some of the social groups that I was in. I have a dining group too. I realized that I was associating with a lot of unreliable people who were flaky and not honoring my dedication to hosting events. I was being taken for granted. People would flake out and cancel at the last minute although I had made restaurant reservations. The worst part is that I was asked my several people to run my dining group. I had to deal with a few unhealthy friendships too. They were negative and toxic. There were other issues. Due to not seeing these people often, I had no idea that it was affecting me.

Energy is everything. We share energy especially with people that we spend time with. There is a saying that if you want to know who you are, just look at your partner and the people that you spend time with.

Once, I decided to let go of my dining group, negative acquaintances and other groups that were not for my higher good, I started sleeping better. I became more energized almost instantly. My manifesting game is on point now. I am back to being Donna. It is easy to say that if we are powerful energetically that we will not be affected by toxic people and situations but it is not true. I hear this stuff often in the spiritually community. Some of the people who are making these comments are not aware of how they are being affected. I get it. People want to be in control and believe that they are spiritual kryptonite. I was not even paying attention to the situations because they were rare occurrences in my life but they were still a problem.

Then there is that you know ' lets love and accept everyone crap '. Loving and accepting everyone is fine but you do not have to hang out with them. Your kindness is not going to fix them. I was kind to the negative people in my life and guess what they were rude to me. Once I decided to address their negativity it stopped. The next step was to get them out of my life. It felt awesome to dump that toxic energy. Some people are determined to be angry, bitter, resentful and miserable. Your loving energy is not going to fix that. So stop trying to at your expense. I talk to clients trying to fix crazy. Guess what happens they get emotionally and physically sick and tired.I let it all go and I will stay awake to make sure that when crazy shows up, I kick it out of my space.

People you need to dump

1. Rude people

2. Unreliable people because they are full of excuses.

3. People who are always complaining

4. People so negative that they can go into a dark room and develop

5. People who think that everyone else is the problem

6. People who do not want to to be happy