The five perks of showing up in 2017

Every new year it is the same old thing. Make new years resolutions in hopes that there will be follow through. The beginning of a new year often signifies hope and change for the better. Usually, after two months, the majority of people will give up on their resolutions. Often feeling defeated. The key to succeeding is to stop forcing a resolution to work. Being able to show up as your authentic self is the key to having a successful year full of completed goals without all of the stress.

Trying to set a goal without the ability to be fully present with your feelings will end up in failure. It is important to have the self-awareness of any fears, doubts, criticisms in order to catch yourself before you fall. When a person tries to ignore what they are feeling and try to force a positive thought, they are actually creating frustration and inner stress which will eventually lead to not succeeding.

Showing up means being yourself without needing self-approval or the approval of others. It is saying that you are enough as you are. Showing up can be fearful because it means letting go of any expectations or the desire for perfection.

Showing is about saying that you know it is your time to be yourself. There are five benefits to being present.

1.The first benefit to showing up is that you become more authentic without all of the inner voices making you doubt yourself. Authenticity becomes your natural state without any second guessing of how to act and feel. When we are authentic, we attract what we really need, want and desire into our lives without so much effort. Authenticity leads to effortless manifesting.

2. Your Law of Attraction skills will be on fire. There will be no stopping your creativity or manifesting powers. You will be able to attract anything you want because you are no longer hiding. You being your true self is telling the universe that you effen mean business. The universe will have to respond to your showing up and playing 100% as meaning that you are ready to be a receiver.

3. You will create better relationships in your life. You will attract great friends, business connections and overall healthy connections with people who are your tribe. When we are showing up as real and authentic, our true tribe shows up.

4. You will have your dream romance that is healthy. Showing up means letting go of the pain that got in the way of your happiness and peace. The pain no longer matters more than your happiness. The layers have been peeled off which allows you to attract a great partner. If you are already in a relationship, it will become more intimate and deeper. Showing up in your relationship makes you a part of a powerful partnership that can’t be easily broken when tough times arise.

5. You become a better performer in your life. The fear and procrastination goes away. You are able to get out of your own way. You will stop giving a hoot about what can go wrong. You know that showing up gives you the bravery to get through anything.

There is nothing but perks and success that comes with being fully present in your life. As you choose to show up without the need to be perfect, everything in your life will fall into place more and begin to make sense.

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