“ What was I thinking? Why did I stay so long in a relationship with a jerk? “ The Spiritual Woman&#

I talk to spiritual women all of the time who have somehow ended up with a guy who is just not good for them. I will just keep it real. They are dating a jerk, a liar, or a cheater. They are drained. They are completely emotionally exhausted trying to make a bad relationship work. No matter how hard they try, their partner is not improving. They are getting worse.

I am often asked by a client how did she end up in this mess when she tried everything in her power to attract a great mate. She worked on herself, forgave people that needed to be forgiven, forgave herself, meditates, etc, etc. Still, she is attracting the wrong type of mate.

The reason why a good spiritually intuned woman attracts partners that are not any good for her is because……….her spiritual path has caused her to be too loving, too kind, too compassionate and too forgiving. This type of the “ I am a good spiritual person who has compassion for everyone “ can be dangerous when it comes to dating.

Often when a person is on a spiritual path, they tend to release so much hurt and pain to the point of feeling like they can love and understand everyone. This is good from a distance but not a good way to function in relationships. When a person is too kind and too forgiving, they do not have boundaries in place. Due to everything being energy, they will attract a partner who does not respect their boundaries because they do not have any boundaries to respect.

It sounds blunt but I see it often. I love the phrase “ do no harm but take no shit “. That is the real approach to take. It is great to have compassion for others but not to the point that you find yourself making excuses for your partner’s bad behavior. Boundaries are normal and they need to be set. We are always teaching people how to treat us.

Once a woman feels like she has met her soulmate or twin flame, she tends to be too tolerant. The whole purpose of a soulmate/ twin flame is to not only love and accept them but also call them out on their crap. Romantic relationships help us to grow into better people. If you ever find yourself in a situation being too understanding of poor behavior, remind yourself that your spiritual duty is to make the person who is exhibiting bad behavior to be accountable.