How to grow spiritually and level up without fear

Are you ready to level up? Are you ready to expand your spiritual growth? Are you ready to risk people leaving your life because you are more successful than they are? Are you comfortable with people being triggered by your life? When we start to improve our life, the people around us can start to feel triggered and very uncomfortable with the changes that we are making. Sometimes, a person will delay their spiritual growth because they do not want to upset their friends and family. They definitely do not want to outgrow their romantic partner. Growth is not easy. Many emotions are felt. The fear of outgrowing the people around us is real because no one wants to hear from their loved ones that they have changed. Growth is necessary and will happen whether we are ready or not. If you start receiving what you want out of life, do not be surprised if people get jealous and start to leave your life. It is about energy. As we growth and succeed, our energy changes. People who are not on the same level of growth will energetically feel the change and will leave our life. I remember when I started changing, I lost many friends. I accepted it even though, it was painful at first. I had spent my life playing small so that I would not trigger anyone. I felt the desire for so much more but I was putting it off. I had to get injured in order to start my awakening. It was hard and painful on many levels but worth it. I sill have to deal with people being triggered by me. That is a part of life. As you live your life, you will have people being triggered by you. Walk through the pain and growth. Some people will stay and some will leave. You will find your new tribe that is at your energetic level. It's time to level up!

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