How to feel positive when you are not feeling positive

What to do when you are not feeling so positive The belief that we are always supposed to think positive thoughts and feeling positive all of the time is actually making people stressed. I have even had clients become sad. They start to feel like a failure because they do not feel the positive vibe. It is not reality to feel positive when a person is going through a hard time or has past trauma. Being told to think positive when there is an emotional pain that is being experienced can be offensive. There is a way to become more positive. There are several steps to the point of feeling positive more often. It is not easy for some people. It will take time, healing, forgiveness and empowerment in order to get there. I wrote a book many years ago called the Spirituality Tap. I wrote about the trap of trying to be more spiritual without going through the process of healing pain. You can't be positive without dealing with the negative. Life is a journey. It is not about being perfect. Having negative thoughts does not make a person bad, a failure, or without faith. We will all have situations that will bring us to our knees. There is hope and a way to rise again after falling. It is important to validate your feelings whether they are positive or negative. anger develops when we do not feel validated. If you have never read my story on my About Me page, I would recommend that you take a moment to read it. Unfortunately, I have had many times when my joy has been challenged by tragedy. I am grateful to help others to survive their own storms. The Crown Chakra is associated with wisdom, healing, positivity, and awareness. Affirmation " It is safe for me to face the reason why I feel negative. Therefore, I can heal it which will make me more positive. I set myself free when I face my pain."

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