Who would you be if you felt completely worthy and deserving?

Last week I did a Facebook live that brought me to tears. I work with women on developing their self - worth. I remember prior to becoming a coach working on my own worthiness. As you already may know, my childhood had a lot of trauma and misfortune. I carried that energy in my subconscious for years. I had to do a lot of work on myself so that I can heal and feel that I was not doomed due to my circumstances. I learned from coaching that everyone has something to heal. I learned that feeling worthy and deserving is a common issue for many people regardless of their upbringing. Society has taught us to be humble. Being humble has been misunderstood. Humility has been turned into playing small and not feeling deserving. If a person feels proud or worthy, then they are considered to be bragging. Some social norms can create emotional harm. Playing small and having guilty pleasure is damaging to ones soul and well being. I challenge you to ask yourself if you feel worthy and deserving of living out your greatest life without guilt, shame or apology. Worthiness is our birthright. Never apologize for feeling that you deserve to half your ideal life.You were born to go through the journey of being a great receiver.

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