Is your emotional cup full?

Newsletter May 30, 2017 How do you fill your emotional cup? We all need to fill our own cup but sometimes that is hard to do. We have busy lives taking care of family, our careers and situations as they arrive. Time is limited. When we are giving so much of ourselves to everyone, there is often hope that it will be reciprocated. That is not always the case. Being a natural giver can lead to mental exhaustion. The key is to find balance and learn to say no without feeling guilty. It is not possible to be everything to everyone. It is ok to put your needs first. Filling our emotional cup is only possible when we make decisions that feed our soul. No one can fill our cup for us. We all know that happiness is an inside job. The people who come into our life can only match our energy. Make your energy the best so that you can attract the best people. This Weeks Videos Is your emotional cup full? Tapping to fill your emotional cup The first three Chakras are designed to make us more grounded, feel joy and pleasure plus feel self -love.Filling our emotional cup is mostly Solar Plexus work. loving ourselves gives us the power to say no to what does not serve us and to say yes to our personal joy. Affirmation - " I am making sure to fill my emotional cup first."

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