How to stay motivated

Let's talk about motivation! How motivated are you? Do you read quotes all day, posts inspirational memes, and say affirmations but still can't keep the motivational fire going? Staying motivated is tough to do in the crazy busy world that we live in. Feeling stuck can happen when there is an obligation to go a job that is not liked or to stay in a relationship because it is not possible to leave it at the current time. Life happens! The goal is to look at life as a journey and not a destination. Know that there are good days and not so good days that will come. Staying motivated is about a long-term mindset. Not a quick feel-good outcome. It is a normal human desire to want to feel good and have instant gratification. Goals are lost when they are not happening fast enough. Having the right mindset is the key. Have realistic expectations of how long it will take for desired changes to happen. Celebrate the small wins. See the whole picture but validate the steps along the way. Life is not all or nothing. This Weeks Videos How to feel more motivated Tapping to feel more motivated There are many ways to increase motivation. I find that setting goals and taking action steps is the best way to stay motivated. 1.Write down your top 5 goals. 2.Affirm each goal out loud. 3.Meditate on each of your goals. 4.Do EFT to stay focused and motivated. Affirmation - " I am choosing to stay motivated every day by affirming my goals. I will take action steps daily. "

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