How to stop taking things personally

It really isn't personal. Do you find yourself frustrated when a person does not respond to you right away after you have sent them a message? Do you feel as if he/she does not care because they are taking their time connecting with you? It is quite common for a person to take things personally when they are not receiving what they want. Not hearing a response from someone can make a person feel rejected, ignored or not cared for. Truthfully, it has to be remembered that everyone responds according to the level that they are comfortable with. Some people need time. They have to think through what was said to them or what is being asked of them. They have to check to make sure that they are doing what is best for them. It is never selfish or inconsiderate to put one's self first. They are practicing self-awareness, self-care, and boundaries. Yes, it is frustrating because it can cause a trigger of emotions and stress while waiting on a response from someone. The key is to reclaim personal power with the situation by understanding the person needs time. It is a great way to create peace by reminding one's self that it's not personal that they are not responding. They are just taking time for making the right decision for them. This Weeks Videos It's not personal Tapping to stop taking things personally

Affirmation - " I am honoring that everyone is at a different pace. It is not personal when they do not respond to me as quickly as I would like them to. It is safe to have to wait for a response."

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