Why psychic predictions do not happen for some people

Because they actually need coaching along with their readings

I have been working as a professional psychic and life coach for the past 16 years. I have been asked every imaginable question. I have watched many people predictions work out and for some people never receive what they want. It is estimated that psychics are about 85% accurate. I used to carry the burden of believing that if I and others are psychic then why can’t we be 100% accurate. I was at the beginning of my career when I thought such a naïve thing.

Of course, some clients will blame us for being wrong. It goes with the job. Unfortunately, there are some people who see the psychic gift as fortune telling. I have had clients who wanted to use my psychic gift to control every aspect of their life and the people who are in their life. That is not what my gift is meant to be.

I believe that psychics are a bridge between this known world and the unknown source that we come from. I believe that readings are about empowerment. Some people will want to have a great life without participating in the change. Unfortunately, they will never see the change that they desire until they are ready to take action.

Five reasons why predictions do not work out for some people receiving readings

1.The client’s energy is blocked. They have a wall up. They do not want to be seen on a true psychic level because they fear judgment. That will block some of the psychic information from coming through. I noticed that clients who are completely open energetically will have a more accurate reading. The energetic door must be totally open in order for the psychic to receive all of the information. If a wall is up, spirit guides may perceive is at the client is not ready. Therefore, not all of the needed information will be received by the psychic. We only receive the information that the client is ready to hear.

2.The client is not being honest. They are playing testing the psychic to see how good we are. This is a form of an energetic wall. Also, the client might be embarrassed and will withhold information. Psychics are supposed to be nonjudgmental. If the client feels judged by the psychic then they should find another psychic to read for them who is not judging them.

3.The client refuses to take action. I hear it often from clients that they are either afraid to take action or they do not feel that they need to change. Predictions require action. The client has to participate in their life. When the client says no to taking an action, more than likely they will not receive what they want because they are not being open.

4.The client is reactive. Often when a person is receiving a reading they are at a vulnerable time in their life. If they are reactive and do the opposite of what is told then there is sabotage that prevents their prediction from happening.

5.The client has to go further on their spiritual journey so that they can heal and forgive. Example: if a client is afraid of being hurt again n a relationship because a past relationship went sour, they will not attract a new healthy relationship until they are emotionally ready. They might attract the same type of partner that they were hurt by. We repeat what we need to heal.

I do psychic life coaching because coaching and taking action goes hand in hand with predictions. We have a lot of free will. I will blog about free will in the future.

A person must be ready to receive what they d