I am a part of the big shift. What about you? I quit doing readings.

Last night I became overwhelmed with energy. I was emotional and nauseated. This happened after knowing that this year I would stop doing psychic readings. I spoke to a friend of mine. I told her that I could hear my spirit guides, my inner knowing that it was time to shift and quit doing readings. Last night was my last time working as a psychic. I will not do readings anymore not even on my private site.

I knew that I felt guilt for leaving a platform that I have worked on for the past 14 years. I have known some of my clients for several years and have helped them with many issues. Some I was able to coach. Others just wanted a reading. I always knew that my gift was mean to be used for really help people. I am grateful for what I have learned from my many clients. My life has been enriched by the experience. Working the line no longer served my soul.

Often while working the line, I would get the calls asking me

When will be call?

Is he the one?

Are you 100% sure?

Will I be happy?

I do not want to be made a fool of therefore I want a guarantee.

I do not want to change, I want the people around me to change.

Etc, etc, etc

These types of questions are the foundation of the platform. The mindset of life is handed to you and hopefully you have good fortune coming is common. I felt that I was not able to work the way that I want. I want to give strategy and teach clients how to take action along with clearing any blocks that they might have.

I did not feel in alignment for a long time. I wanted to work only my private coaching business. Then, I felt it. My guides said stop and quit today. I cried, screamed, purge and forgave myself. I released the guilt that I was feeling.

I learned a lot from working the platform. People from all over the world of every race, culture, religion and social class do call psychic sites. The main lesson that I learned is that everyone needs to learn that they are powerful and they can handle life as it comes. They just need coaching.

From this point, I will never do another psychic reading. I will not listen to a person’s problems unless they are ready to take real action to solve their problems.I will use my gifts only for coaching. That means shutting out some clients.That is hard for me to do but it is time for me to honor my gift. My mind, body and soul were not in alignment doing psychic readings. I am a part of the shift. Hopefully, everyone will shift and see that they can get out of their own way and life the life that they are worthy of living.

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