Are you ready to get your “shift “together?

Since the beginning of this year, I have been talking about a huge spiritual shift that is going on. Many of us feel it. It is an overwhelming feeling but also a knowing that it is time to shift into our true selves.

This shift caused me to leave the psychic platform that I have worked on for 14 years of my 16 years working as a professional psychic. Monday January 15th, I heard my inner voice say “it’s time “. I cried and released with gratitude for all of the clients that I read for. I am very grateful for what I have learned but I knew it was time to move on so that I can continue to facilitate in a way that is more effective.

Where to start?

It is the big question because I am sure that if you are reading my blog, you have already done your share of inner work to change your life. Nothing has changed yet for you. You are wondering what should you do next in order to create your ideal life.First, the path has to be cleared in order to make room for what is to come in your life.

5 things to clear in order to get ready for the shift in your life

1.Let go of self-criticism. I know that some people think that they have to emotionally beat themselves into success. That if they can judge what they think is wrong wit them that they will be able to push themselves ahead. You can’t abuse yourself into success. Focusing on perceived negatives will only hold you back and make you give up.

2.Stop doubting. Doubting is not playing it safe. It is actually sabotaging your future. It can be scary to have hope. Hope is what creates the energy to manifest what you desire. Doubt means that you will be in the same place day after day. Doubt is the ultimate obstacle to creating a shift. You must have faith and take a leap.

3.Afraid to take a leap is another block. I learned from doing readings that people want a safe bet. They will only leap if there is a guarantee that things will work out for them. They are afraid to be wrong or to be made a fool of. There is no such thing as being wrong when taking a leap. Of course, it is wise to have a back up plan when taking a huge step. If you are afraid of failure, you will be stuck forever.

4.Stop listening to negative people. Unfortunately, there are negative people everywhere. I call them crabs. They want to pull you back down with them. If you are doubtful, full of self-criticism, or afraid to be wrong, the crabs will affect you. Negative people are often a mirror of our own negative voices. The best way to stop listening to negative people is to stop your own negativity. People are mirrors to our thoughts. Changing your thoughts to be positive will attract positive people. The negative people will naturally drop off because the energy will change.

5.Start liking yourself and loving yourself. You have to. There is no way around it. If you can love yourself, d not expect others to love you. You must feel worthy of your own love. That is where the shift starts. It starts with you feeling worthy and deserving. You have to love and like yourself in order to feel worthy. Once you feel worthy manifesting and co creating your ideal life is easy.

In order to move forward and to shift your life in your ideal direction, you will have to get out of your own way.

is the best way to do so. Change how you think and feel about yourself. Watch how your life improves. Nothing good can come our way unless we feel that we deserve it. Energy is everything.

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