There will be bumps as you go through your transformation…what to do when your shift feels like it i

Making the decision to change your life isn’t easy. That is why many people avoid doing it. It is safe to not take action. But it leads to being stuck and eventually the feeling will become unbearable. Change will be forced upon you. It becomes a part of your spiritual walk to transform yourself.

It was hard decision for me to leave my part time psychic business of 14 years in order to pursue coaching full time. It took me three years to do so. I had to jump in with both feet and it overwhelming at times. There have been a few bumps but in the process, I have become aligned to my true purpose.

I understand how hard it is to decide to leave what is comfortable and safe behind in order to do what you are meant to do. The universe will support you but it may not always feel that way.

Six things to do in order to overcome the bumpy scary times

1.Allow yourself to be totally effing scared. You will feel vulnerable if not seriously scared. Expect it. Fear is not a bad thing or embarrassing. Fear is a normal feeling that will eventually drive you to succeed because you will get tired of the fear.

2.Make a plan and expect your plan to change as you go through your transformation. You will more than likely have a plan set up that you planned to use once your take your big leap. Do not be surprised if it changes 100%. It is not a sign that you are going in the wrong direction. You are actually gaining clarity. It takes actually taking steps in order to see which direction is right for you. It takes time to see which action will fit for you.

3.Have someone to help you through it. Find a coach that fits your situation. For example, it you are changing careers, have a coach to help you work out your strategies. Do not feel that you have to go it alone. You do not have to figure it all out on your own.

4.Work on your mindset. How you think and feel is everything during a huge shift. Expect your emotions to bounce around some at the end of the day, you have to return to being positive, hopeful and determined that you are on the right place. Manifesting is effective when you are in the right state of mind.

5.Meditate, journal, exercise, tap, etc. You will need one or more of these actions to keep your momentum up. Do not fall into a slump that prevents you from practicing a form of self-care. You need something to keep your vibration going.

6.Stick it out. You have wanted to change your life for so long. Do not let the bumps scare you back into your safe place. The bumpy spots are for your spiritual growth. You will be tested and that is to be expected.

As you can see, making a change is not easy, but it is worth it. Have your life care plan in place. No road worth taking will be easy. Successful people have all had to ride a wave in order to get to where they want.

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