You may not realize it but you could subconsciously be sabotaging your breakthrough

I know you have read many self-help books. You know all of the inspirational quotes. You meditate, journal, do yoga, etc. Yet you have not had your breakthrough. How is that possible? What else can you do to make it happen?

The answer is to get out of your own way. What do I mean by getting out of your own way? I mean that it is time to do the inner work and change your mindset. Your mindset is everything. It is the foundation of your spiritual practice. Reading books, doing yoga, etc., are awesome but all of us have to do core work.

What is core work? It is the work of really looking at who you are and why you do what you do as a person. It is being able to face the why you are not where you want to be. What is the real reason why you have not taken the leap to create a real shift in your life. It is important to look at patterns of behavior that are preventing a different result.

This is where things start to feel uncomfortable. I know after spending over 16 years in the spiritual community that people are still searching for that aha quick fix moment that will help them to heal their pain quickly. I get it. No one wants to sit around feeling the negative feelings. You want to move forward.

How do you move forward so that you can have a breakthrough?

You got to stop playing small. That means that you have to stop trying to please the people around you so that you can fit in. I know you want to appear spiritual by being humble. There is nothing spiritual about playing small. You can’t spread your message to the world and help others by shrinking.

You have to feel worthy. If you are doubting yourself you will block every opportunity that shows up. If you doubt your worth, then no one else will be able to see your value. You must put out the energy of worthiness in order to receive.

You have to believe that you are enough. You have to believe that the knowledge and the life experience to be able to serve and help others. If you are thinking that you need to be more, you will constantly end up searching for that feeling of being enough which means that you will never succeed.

Forgive anyone and everyone who you perceived has harmed you. Do not let people rent space in your head. Forgive them to free up the mental space to be able to have room to create and take action on what you desire. When a person is stuck hurting, they can’t act. Letting go of the pain by forgiving makes you available for yourself. Make yourself first. If you focus on the people who have hurt you, you are making them first in your life.

Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself no doubting yourself and not loving yourself the way that you deserve to be loved. Forgive yourself for tolerating bad relationships. Forgive yourself for getting in you own way and sabotaging. Forgive it all. Being hard on yourself does nothing for improving your life.

If you are not where you want to be in life, take some time and reflect on any blocks to success that you may have. Let go of the belief that wanting success is wanting to be better than everyone or being greedy. Success is about service. You are here to serve. By not serving, you are not living your truth.

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