Embracing your authentic woo self

Embracing your woo

A reality check for the spiritual woman/goddess

I have to admit it. I have been coaching and doing psychic readings for the past 18 years. I recently quit the platform that I did readings on. I have to admit why I stayed on the platform so long. Working on the platform was a great place to hide. I did my psychic readings on the platform. And I did my spiritual coaching and my private business. I kept the two separate. I did that on purpose. But it was subconscious. Deep down inside I was hiding from myself, from my truth, and who I'm supposed to be in the world.

I grew up wanting to be a medical doctor. I loved science. Science was everything to me. I love biology. I loved doing the experiments in school. I was preparing myself to be a doctor.

Even as a child, I knew that there was something different about me and I didn't like it. Because I did not feel normal. I did not want to feel different. I knew I was psychic growing up. Even people in my life would say to me that I am different, spiritual, or an old soul. I did not like it. In my teen years I got into herbs. That led to Alternative Medicine. Which lead me going to chiropractic school. While in chiropractic school I discovered my spiritual side. I had to acknowledge that I was psychic. The amazing part about it is that the people around me accepted me being psychic before I can really accept myself for being psychic. I am a little bit embarrassed to say that. But it is true.

Over the years I would dab a little bit outside of the psychic platform. I've done interviews. And I've done readings on radio shows. But when I was asked to really step out and show myself as a psychic, I said no. Consciously I was still hiding. I even use the excuse of my son's passing for me to stay in hiding. I needed grieving and healing time but I did not need to hide my true self. I have a degree in metaphysical sciences.

I realized that my greatest success involves being psychic and a woo. I was concerned that I would lose speaking opportunities. Actually, not embracing my woo held back my success. I was meditating yesterday. I asked my guides what do I need to do in order to enhance my business. I heard my guides say to embrace my woo woo more. I decided that I will.

Expect me to talk about spirituality, metaphysics, spirit guides,etc a lot more often. My services will be more woo centered.

My advice to you is to stay true to yourself. It is not about being eccentric. It is about being authentic. If you want to be successful in life, you have to be you. Holding back will delay your success.