How to be successful if your are a multi- passionate entrepreneur

I have always been multi passionate. I have had coaches tell me to niche better. I have paid for my share of business programs in the past. I was always frustrated. Nothing resonated for me. I would pick a niche and change my mind in a week. I am sure that I frustrated the coach that I bought the programs from.

There are steps to picking a niche. No matter how many times, I went through the process, I felt that I was not fulfilled. I would flip flop. I would look for the coach for answers to what should I focus on. I was not being honest with myself. I always knew that I could not find peace focusing on one niche in my business. I have a major niche. I have sub niches also. Once I realized that, I was able to attract more clients. Work became fun. I felt alive. I stopped trying to fit in a box.

The philosophy of picking what you are knowledgeable about and what lights you up is overwhelming to multi passionate people. We can’t pick one thing to focus on. There will always be a void. Choosing is impossible. We can appear scattered and unsure of ourselves. Actually, we march to the beat of our own drum.

What to do if you are multi passionate

What is your goal in your business? My overall business goal is to help women to shift into their authentic selves by increasing their self-esteem. That includes helping them with self-growth, relationships, rising above the ashes after a crisis and in business. You see how hard it is for me to focus on one niche. I decided on the outcome that I wanted for my clients. Starting with your business goal will help you to organize your passions. What do you want your clients to feel when they work with you? What is their transformation?

Organize your passions

Pick your top three passions to focus on. Ask yourself what makes you the most efficient and profitable in your business. For example, do you coach one on one, hold workshops, classes, online training. You already feel excited by all of your passions. Now is the time to pick what makes you the most successful as an entrepreneur. That is what you focus on first. Your primary passion brings in your money. Knowing what is most profitable for your gives you time for your other joys.

Make sure that your primary passion is packaged in a way to not take up too much time. The goal is to not be drained. You want to feel energized. Packaging your passion might include turning it in a group course or a membership program with minimum one on one services. Think about how you can serve the most people in an attentive manner but also in an efficient manner. Group programs are great. They connect your clients to each other. The vibration increases. Everyone has a chance of being energized by each other. Often passions can be blended. I blend coaching with my psychic readings.

Do the same process for your next two passions. Make sure that you know which passion is second and third. You will be able to give time to everything that you love. You just have to decide on its value. The more valuable the passion, the more time it receives. The passion that makes you a comfortable living is always priority. The reason why is because your energy is in alignment with that passion more. You are co creating the most with that passion.

Time management is everything. Make a list of how you plan to address all of your interests. Also make a daily schedule on what you will be spending time on. One of the biggest problems with multi passionate people is not being able to manage their time. We can end up with many unfinished projects. You must know what is a priority. Do not feel like you are neglecting your others


Prioritizing is how you will survive professionally.Once you know what to focus on, you can manifest and co-create your business. You can decide what you want more of and even less of.

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