The reason why spiritual practitioners do not feel comfortable charging for their services

I have worked as a spiritual practitioner for over 18 years. I had no idea what I was getting into. I learned many tough lessons. I had to constantly learn boundaries with clients and my peers. I had friends asking for free readings. I had clients say that they were broke but they need to talk to me. I had people who wanting to buy me coffee so that they can pick my brain. I had peers who wanted to exchange readings. Often, I gave more than I received.

Truthfully, I was not strong enough to be doing this type of work. Yes, I was gifted. I could do accurate readings. That is not enough to survive in the spiritual world.

The spiritual community is diverse. There isn’t a school like Harry Potter to tell you how to practice and how to run a business. There are training programs out there but most of what a practitioner will learn will be through daily work in their business with clients.

I know that in Chiropractic school, the focus is on technique, patient care and philosophy. We were not taught how to run a business. I have heard the same about dental school and medical school. A practice of any kind is a business! I am not shocked that spiritual practitioners do not have formal business training.

I remember my peers after school struggling with asking for money for their services. They just wanted to help people. The student loans were due. They had to learn how to ask for money for their services. Chiropractic college graduates will owe an average of 100k. Working for free is not realistic. I had the same issue. Once I decided to work in the spiritual community, I noticed that there is a lot of discomfort with asking for money.

Money has a bad reputation in society. It is called the root of all evil. People can be uncomfortable with money. People who desire money are called greedy and selfish. Money is associated with buying things. The truth is that money is necessary. You can’t survive without money. I have seen spiritual workers try to not need money but they often found themselves in a financial mess. Many spiritual workers are broke. They are hoping that the universe will drop money on their lap so that they can continue to do their work without asking their clients for money. I have heard too many spiritual workers hope that they can avoid the uncomfortable money conversation with their clients. If only the universe will make money available to them. They failed to see that the universe providing them with clients is an opportunity to make money.

I am not a money coach. I have spoken to my share of clients who struggled with money. I realized that self-worth is tied to money. You have to feel worthy in order to receive.

The common excuses that people use to why they do not ask for money for their services

Money is not spiritual. It goes back to money is evil and about greed. Money is necessary to do your work. If you have to take on another job for money because you feel that money will ruin your work, you will not have time to do what you are called to do.

My clients can’t really afford it. Baloney. People have money for what they value. Look around at how people are living. They have nice cars, nice clothes, their hair is done and they buy 6-dollar coffees. I remember when I first started out. I had a client say that she could not afford my 50-dollar fee. My guides told me to watch her go to her car. She had a new Jaguar. The car did not have the plates yet. I was shocked. My guides told me to wake up. Again, people have money for what they value.

You feel that spiritual work should be free. You are not Jesus! You have bills. Your landlord expects rent. You can’t couch surf. Your family needs you to provide for them. You can be spiritual and ask for money. Churches ask for money. Money is a tool and nothing else. Do not project anything more into what you think money is.

You ask for clients to pay what they can because you are tired of justifying your fee. Yes, there will be people who say that you should teach meditation, give readings and healings for free. They will accuse you of not being spiritual. Those same people do not work for free. All work is spiritual. Every job helps our society. Those same people would be offended if you ask them to offer their services for free. When I do readings the second common question is about money. People are always asking will they get a raise or will money fall out of the sky. People know that money is necessary in order to live. Do not get caught up in someone making you feel guilty over your prices. You deserve to be paid.

I have experienced all of these beliefs. I have had clients say that I should be doing my work for free. I was quick to ask them if they work for free. The truth is that I attracted clients that did not honor my work because I did not honor my work. I have found this to be true with a lot of people who do spiritual work. We are so busy helping others that we are not working on ourselves.

The more I felt worthy, the less guilt I had asking for money for my services. I have no problem raising my fees either. I have helped peers to understand that our work is valuable. It is a self-worth issue. Using the excuse that you can't serve from a higher place if you ask for money is about not feeling worthy.

Being able to work as a spiritual practitioner has been fun, challenging and evolving. I could not believe that I got paid to do such amazing work but I had to learn boundaries. I had to learn how to stand up for myself. I had to lean how to stand in my truth that I deserve to get paid for what I do. It takes energy to do spiritual work. We are giving at a level that can be exhausting. I used to work 12-hour shifts in a warehouse. I never felt exhausted. Spiritual work requires lots of energy.

If you are finding yourself having money blocks, I recommend reading books and seeking coaching services to help you to over come your money blocks. You cant succeed in business until you work this out. Even if you make money, you might sabotage and give it away. It is important to feel worthy and deserving. No more excuses on why you are uncomfortable asking for money for your services. Honor your work and yourself. Your clients will respect you more.

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