Creating and Using a Crystal Intention Journal

The easiest way to add a crystal intention-setting routine into your life is to track your journey in a journal. A tracking journal is where you will keep track of each success story and the obstacles you have.

Create Your Crystal Intention Setting Journal

To create a Crystal Intention Setting journal, you’ll want to find a blank journal that you will use for this purpose only. It can be plain, or it can be colorful, but make sure it is one that you will enjoy writing in daily. If you want, feel free to decorate your intention setting journal with things that reflect your visions. After you have picked the journal you wish to use, divide it into seven sections that are generally equal in pages.

Next, create different tabs for each of the corresponding chakras or life areas you wish to change with post-it-notes, or other dividers to divide the sections. Attach them to the first page of each section so that you can find the section you want quickly. You should be able to spot the tabs when you pick up your journal quickly.

Write Your Intentions

Once you finish, you can add your first intention. Write an intention in the most important area of your life for the first page. Think about one thing you wish to change in each chakra or a specific area of your life. You might choose to write the intentions in your journal, or you could cut and paste images from magazines to serve as a vision board.

To use your Crystal Intention Setting journal, hold the healing stone that corresponds with each section. Say your intention out loud or silently to yourself. The crystal you are holding will release its energy and amplify the power of your intention. You are creating a positive shift in your mind, body, and spirit. Perform this exercise for one intention or create a small ceremony that incorporates all seven chakras and intentions with seven corresponding crystals.

Examples of Intentions:

● I am worthy of love and kindness in my life. I choose to live each day, showing kindness to myself through self-care.

● I want more money in my life that shows up in ways that balance myself with my passions, values, and time.

● I desire to spend more time with my family and have the universe support us with finances that allow us to save for the future.

● I am worthy of a better job position that provides me with the freedom of creativity I need and finances that stabilize my lifestyle while saving for the future.

● I want a house that supports my family and me with enough space and a good flow of energy that uplifts and motivates us to aspire to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

You can even use the blank pages of your journal to keep track of your life. For example, you may have been working on your abundance intention in the past. If all of a sudden, you get a raise at work, be sure to write it down in your journal. Writing it down helps you see for sure how well intentions work. It’s an excellent reminder that personal transformation occurs in many ways.

You may also wish to rewrite your intentions in the journal. You’ll want to do this because your intentions and personal goals can change over time. Always check your goals every couple of months to make sure that they still align with what you had hoped to change about your life.

I sell plenty of journal and planners that can be used as a crystal journal

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