Crystals and essential oils for grief and healing

This past year, I have sold a lot of grief and Healing candles. 2020 took its toll on many of us. Many people lost loved ones. I decided that I should blog about which crystals and essential oils support the grieving process. The following crystals and essential oils work for the loss of a human and a pet loved one.

These are some of the most common and easily accessible crystals and essential oils that help with the grieving process. I know personally, that grief is ongoing. It never really ends. There are many ways to ease the pain of grieving. Crystals and essential oils do help.

Crystals for grief and healing

Apache tear - comforting, assist with healing trauma, clears stuck energy, cleanses the aura of negativity

Black Obsidian - cleanses negative energy from your aura, gives you strength, protects your energy

Amethyst - is a powerful healing stone that is calming. It helps to release feelings of negativity, anxiousness, and stress

Pink opal - is calming

Blue Chalcedony - helps to acknowledge the pain and work through it

Rose Quartz - love stone, heals a broken heart, calming, self-love, emotional balance, understanding, and clarity

Clear quartz - gives clarity, manifesting peace and calm, manifesting overall for your life desires

Moonstone - centers the mind, calming, eases the numbness that comes with grief

Essential oils for grief and healing

Lavender - calming, clarity, relaxing, eases depression

Geranium - uplifts the spirit

Neroli - soothes the mind

Bergamot- helps to let go of some of the pain

Rose - calming, eases sadness, eases anxiety and depression

Ylang Ylang - reduces stress

I sell many products that help with grief and healing including

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