Equality starts with women encouraging each other

This blog is for all the women out there. And when I say all the women, I mean, every woman. The reason why I am doing this blog today is that I was listening to the radio. The DJ was talking about how a fan told Halle Berry that she cannot keep a man. Halle Berry clapped back and said,” I don't want to keep the wrong man”.

Now we know that when people in the public eye, we know almost all of their business. We know who they are dating, how many relationships they have, etc. And a lot of us who are not in a public eye may have had an equal number of relationships. But there is nobody there to really judge us on a big scale. I proceeded to look up an article about what this fan said to Halle Berry.

I know that because Halle Berry is gorgeous and famous. She is going to get haters. But the phrase you cannot keep a man really set me off. It triggered me because I have heard this throughout the years.

Women say this to each other. And I have even had it said to me. I would tell those women that I love myself. I will never stay in a bad relationship just to say that I have someone. That usually shuts the person up. I also knew that women who made such comments were intimidated by independent women. It takes courage to walk away from an unhealthy relationship. The fear of being alone will cause some women to stay in a bad relationship.

I think it is sad that women would make such a comment towards each other. We live in a time where women are saying that they are fighting for equality and trying to erase sexism and misogyny. But sometimes our behavior towards each other is inappropriate and can be sexist. That was noticed a lot during the past election. I am not totally injecting politics, but the female politicians had their sex life judged, but not the men.

I was surprised reading a lot of articles online that it was women judging women in the comments section. Now I know that women are conditioned to have a man. And if she does not have a man, then it was assumed that something was wrong with her.

The usual nonsense. Why did they leave you? And it seems like the weight of the relationship is always on the woman. I have noticed that many women that I have talked to who are in bad relationships, will not leave because they do not want to be judged. They do not want to be considered a failure. They do not want to be told that they cannot keep a man. So, they choose to stay. Even when it is emotionally unhealthy and sometimes physically dangerous. This is sad. I coach women to be their best. And part of being your best person as a woman is to honor respect and support other women.

It is not about agreeing with everybody. But at the same time, it is about holding each other up and respecting each other. When women attack each other, everyone suffers. Even men suffer. Children also suffer. Children are always watching and observing. We must decide what type of example do we want to be.

I see women as the backbone of society. If we do not hold each other up, the world cannot move forward in a healthy way.

Some of the issues that I have seen women do is when they are cheated on, they blame the other woman. Instead of the guy who is cheated on them. They start thinking “what does she have? “They bad moth the ex and/or the new girlfriend.

It is sad. I teach women to be brave enough to really go inward and to ask what is really going on.

And it goes back to often the woman not feeling like she is not enough. This causes a woman to disparage another woman so that she does not feel as bad. It is as if she feels like she needs to find something wrong with somebody else to feel better. There is room for every woman to thrive. It is all about alignment. As a woman finds her worth, she becomes aligned with the universe. Then she can manifest what she desires. The universe expands constantly. There is room for everyone to have what they desire.

Everything is about energy, attraction, and alignment. We will be where we are supposed to be when we are aligned.

If a relationship does not work out, the two parties just are not in alignment. It is not about being able to keep a man by staying somewhere where you do not belong. You being out of alignment will mess up everything that you are trying to manifest. Have not you noticed that when a person stays, especially a woman in an abusive relationship, her whole life starts to unravel and fall apart? That is because she is out of alignment.

When a woman disparages another woman, she defines herself. She shows her own fear. Her own security's. Her own doubts. She does not define the woman that she is speaking poorly of.

My philosophy is being authentic is by knowing that you are enough. And when you know that you are enough, there is no need to put down another woman. A woman should not put down another woman. When you become comfortable with yourself, you learn that you are enough. You make room for other women to shine.

Remember a queen fixes another Queen's crown, without ever telling her that it was crooked. There's so much energetic power in women supporting each other. Women are known to grow more businesses by helping each other out. Women who disperse money to other women grow economies. Women are powerful.

A person has a right to leave a relationship if they want. It does not mean that the person should be judged for leaving the relationship. If Halle chose really to leave the relationship, that is her choice. If her ex chose to leave, that is his choice. No judgment should occur.

Women being able to define themselves as individuals first versus being with someone is necessary. So many women are defining their selves by having a partner, to the point of losing themselves. That is why when they do have a breakup, they do not know who they are, where to go, or where to start to begin again. That is why a breakup is so tragic.

I challenge you to feel that you are enough. Feel your own authenticity. Support yourself. Love, honor, and respect yourself. Then do the same towards other women. No one can rise alone. Everyone who has succeeded has had support. And if women want to change and be respected in the world, we must hold each other up.

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