Getting real about breakups

Here we go again. Now there are rumors that JLo is breaking up with her fiancee ARod. I decided to read some comments. It is sad what I read. People automatically blaming her and saying that she is the problem. None of us were there. We don't know why. Many women have had more than four relationships. JLo is 52. 4 relationships are not bad for a woman her age

. Then Jlo was then compared to Halle Berry. I got it! I figured it out. When beautiful, rich, talented women have breakups, it scares the hell out of people. Our world is so shallow. We think that money and looks should guarantee a fabulous life. And yes a long-lasting relationship. For women who still believe that if they were younger, prettier, smarter, etc that they would still be in a relationship this is scary to them. Relationships take a lot more than shallow attributes. They take connection and two people willing to grow together. We should be applauding Halle and JLo for not staying in an unhealthy relationship. Their bravery to live their truth should be celebrated. Staying in a bad relationship has long-term damaging effects. Let's evolve and stop putting the responsibility on women to keep a man.

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