Growth Mindset Examples

Looking to develop a growth mindset but aren’t sure exactly what it means? Looking at growth mindset examples can help you to better understand how it works.

Here, we’ll look at some great examples of a growth mindset. You will also discover some examples of a fixed mindset so you can compare the two.

What are some examples of a growth mindset?

There are a lot of examples of a growth mindset you can use to get started. Just a small selection you can start with include:

· I’m not a natural writer, I have to learn it

· There is a lot I still need to learn

· Feedback gives me an opportunity to learn how to improve

· Failure is a learning curve

· If I have determination, I can do anything

So, a growth mindset is about being willing to learn and maintaining a positive outlook. So, how does it compare to a fixed mindset?

Fixed mindset examples

Many people have a natural, fixed mindset. Being able to identify if you are living with a fixed mindset is important as it could be significantly holding you back. So, let’s take a look at some fixed mindset examples:

· Some people are born to be writers and I aren’t one of them

· I have learned everything I need to know

· Feedback is criticism

· I’m only going to fail so what’s the point in trying?

· I can’t overcome the challenges in my way

As you can see, these fixed mindset examples are the opposite of the growth mindset examples above. When you have a fixed mindset, it prevents you from moving forward and achieving the things you want.

Examples of switching from a fixed to a growth mindset

Now that you have an idea of how a fixed and a growth mindset works, let’s look at some examples of how you can make the switch.

If you’re looking to turn a fixed mindset into a growth mindset, some examples would be:

Fixed mindset: “I’m a binge eater. Once I start eating chips I can’t stop”

Growth mindset: “I have tended to binge eat chips and it’s been hard to stop after just one”

Fixed mindset: “I always get worked up over politics”

Growth mindset: “In the past, I have gotten worked up over politics”

Fixed mindset: “I could never forgive someone who betrayed me”

Growth mindset: “So far, I haven’t been able to forgive someone for betraying me”

Fixed mindset: “I’m never going to achieve my dream”

Growth mindset: “It may be difficult to achieve my dream, but I know with effort and dedication I can do it”

Fixed mindset: “It’s too late to learn now”

Growth mindset: “I can learn whatever I need to whenever I like”

These are just some great examples of a fixed and growth mindset. A fixed mindset will see you stuck in old patterns of behavior. You won’t grow or develop your skills and most importantly, you’ll never reach your life goals if you have a purely fixed mindset.

Balancing growth and fixed mindsets

While a growth mindset is important, it shouldn’t solely take the place of a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset can actually have some benefits when it is balanced with a growth mindset.

So, adopting a growth mindset isn’t about completely eliminating fixed ways of thinking. Instead, it’s a great tool for helping you to move forward and learn from your experiences.

Now that you know some common fixed and growth mindset examples, you can start to work on switching your mindset. Learning to recognize your fixed mindset is the first step to adjusting it. You may find it takes a little time, but if you are consistent, you’ll eventually start to develop a growth mindset.

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