The Power of Combining Intention with the Use of Crystals

Carefully Setting Intention Is a Key Component to Using Crystals for Healing and Balance:

One of the most important factors in using crystals effectively is to set intentions carefully. Different crystals have diverse properties that make them helpful for specific uses, but all crystals need their user to inform them of the way they can help. To tell crystals their purpose in our lives, this is why setting intentions is such an essential part of using crystals to heal and feel a positive energy.

Making a Connection With a Crystal of Choice

There are different reasons why you like specific crystals. Often, a color, shape, or size of a crystal may draw you to it. You need to trust in your intuition when selecting crystals that seem to resonate with you. Once you make a choice, it is essential to set your intention for how you want the crystal to work in your life.

Cleanse Your Crystal

It is also essential to perform a cleanse of any negative energy from the crystal before beginning to use it. The reason why you need to cleanse the crystal is to release the energy from other people who handled the crystal before you.

If you've ever bought used clothes or furniture before, you may have noticed that the owners' energies are still with it. While it may take some time to notice, if you are sensitive to energy, you may have picked up on it. When working with crystals, you'll want the energy to be neutral so that you can program them with your specific intentions.

To release the energy of other people from the crystals, you will need a sage smudge stick. Light the sage and hold the crystal over the smoke. Set the intention for the sage smoke to release any other person's energy from the crystal. Wave the smoke over the crystal a few times until you feel the energy has shifted to neutral.

The Importance of Carefully Setting a Focused Intention

Before you set an intention with a crystal, clear your mind of any negative thoughts. When you are placing an intention into a crystal, having a clear mind will help you focus the intention into the crystal. Choose intentions that focus on both short and long-term goals. Hold the crystal up to your mind's eye, the space in the middle of your forehead. You can silently say the intention to the crystal or choose to speak your intention out loud. Alternatively, you can also write it down. It can also be beneficial to hold the crystal over one's third eye.

A Reaffirmation of Intention

After setting an intention, keep the crystal close by so that it stays on your mind. Consider the crystal as a visual affirmation of your intention. Send positive energy to your crystal when you think of your intentions. Doing this helps the positive energy expand within you so that you feel more positive about manifesting your goals and intentions. You can choose to reaffirm your intentions daily, weekly, or monthly.

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