Which Crystal to Choose to Balance Your Chakras and How

Chakras are different types of energies that are prominent as energy centers in the body. All around the world, many people with a spiritual background know about chakras, and many perform chakra meditations to clear and balance them. Balancing chakras through chakra meditation can help benefit your mind, body, and soul by clearing out negative, stuck energy.

Specific areas within the body house individual chakras, and each correspond to a symbolic color connected to spiritual energy. Crystals also match their use with distinct chakras based on color and help in balancing chakras. Crystals can direct the chakra energy flow to soothe your mind and work on the problem areas of your body. If chakra flows are blocked, it could cause more harm than good. Crystals, healing energy, and positive thoughts can unblock these compromised chakra flows.

The flow of your chakras is determined by what you do on a daily basis and can include what you think, how you act, and what you feel. Chakras may become unbalanced as you go about your everyday life. You can use chakra-balancing crystals as part of your daily routine to get your chakras back in balance. The appropriate crystal match to the right chakra increases its energy flow in that problem area of your body.

What Crystals to Use

How to Match Crystals to Specific Chakras

It can be as easy as choosing the color of the crystal to match the chakras to balance them in your body. For example, place a red-colored crystal on your root chakra. Place a white-colored crystal on your crown chakra.

Follow this color guide for selecting crystals to balance your chakras:

● The crown chakra requires a clear or white crystal.

● A red or black crystal can balance the root chakra.

● You can select a green or pink crystal for the heart chakra.

● Choose a violet or purple crystal for the third eye chakra.

● A blue crystal helps in healing the throat chakra.

● You can have a yellow or gold crystal for the solar plexus chakra.

● Select an orange crystal to move energy out of the sacral chakra.

Root Chakra

A black or red crystal that you could choose for your root chakra includes a black tourmaline, garnet, or red jasper. The location of your root chakra is at the foundation of your spine. An unbalanced root chakra can lead to sadness, anxiousness, uncertainty, feeling ungrounded, and pains or complications in your lower extremities such as constipation, feet, or back pain.

Sacral Chakra

Any orange crystal would balance the sacral chakra, including carnelian, amber, and orange calcite. The position of your sacral chakra is in the area below your navel. If you experience an unbalanced sacral chakra, many sexually related imbalances could occur, such as a compromised sex drive, infertility, monthly womanly issues, UTIs, and intestinal problems. It also is associated with creativity, and you could notice a lack of the desire to be creative.