Which Crystals Increase Your Energy and Vitality?

If you’ve experienced low energy, fatigue, and want an energy boost, you might turn to coffee. Before you drink caffeine as your energy shot, there is an alternative that can be just as powerful, if not more so. The power of crystals has been used for centuries to boost energy and mood. Crystals emit vibrations that work with our electromagnetic field to balance and boost our energy. By using them in your daily routine, you can feel more centered, balanced, and have the vitality to get through the day.

Top Crystals to Use to Boost Energy

White Quartz Crystal

If you only got a white quartz crystal, you would get healing for nearly any ailment. But you may notice that once you start collecting crystals, you won’t stop! Working with white quartz crystal helps you regain a sense of balance and peace. It clears your aura and releases pain. Since it is cool to the touch, it helps with cooling you down on hot days. It helps release emotional blockages and focuses your energy to stay alert.


Amber isn’t technically a crystal but is an organic gemstone based on its fossilized state of being. Its orange and yellow hue is enough to increase your energy. Its main work with your energy helps to ground and stabilize your emotions. Working with amber can be an instant mood lifter on days when your energy feels low.


Known as the little stone of sunshine, Carnelian can raise your energy levels even if you experience chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Carrying a carnelian with you throughout the day has helped chronic fatigue sufferers get through it better. It’s no wonder why it works this way. It stimulates creativity, powers motivation, and lifts mental barriers to allow more positive thoughts.


Citrine works with the Solar Plexus chakra to energize and increase our willpower. The color alone can activate this chakra. Working with Citrine in meditation increases your stamina and aligns your thoughts to help you take action in all areas of your life. It makes you more proactive and able to charge ahead, just like it recharges your energy. It also helps to stabilize your emotions and gives you greater mental clarity.


Whether raw or polished, the deep red color of ruby keeps you awake and alert. Its beautiful red color stimulates your brain and helps increase blood flow.


This crystal holds energy-boosting properties for introverts who recharge their energy when alone. While it may not give you the pick-me-up you need in the morning, it is useful at bedtime when winding down from the day. It can give you peaceful, calm energy to let go of the day’s tension and stress, and allow you to recharge your energy.

How to Work With Your Crystals