"I was talking to a friend about life yesterday and we were discussing how crazy our days are.  She asked me what has helped me? As I was telling my friend I realized how much Dr. Lee has helped me in all aspects of my life from career to personal and financial.  I started treatment with Dr. Lee about 3 years ago. She helped me stay Centered at all times. I recommend her to Everyone!"

~ Dr. Reema Zereh  

"Dr. Donna has been a part of my journey for many years.  She is always encouraging and never judgmental of anything!  I feel she recognizes that your path is your own and will be there with you as you take each step.  When you feel you have mis-stepped, she will show you how you benefited and learned, so that you can see that you did not misstep at all – that it was for your overall benefit and continued growth and transformation.  A true gem, Dr. Donna is!  A coach and a friend who will tell you the way it is.  No sugar-coating!  But she is always gentle with her words of truth.  I highly recommend contacting Dr. Donna to see if she is the right fit for you!"

~ Noel, CANADA  

"I've been working with Dr. Donna for almost 3 years now. When I first became a client I was really looking for a prediction (like many who first encounter a psychic). However, through my journey of speaking with Dr. Donna and looking for answers I've learned, grown and uncovered that there is so much more to life and so much more I have to still learn and do for myself before I can get to the desired outcome, and that it's really all up to me. I decide what my future looks like. I've learned to forgive and let go of some of (as some would label) the most unforgivable things. I think for me, the most important lesson was self-love. I didn't fully understand what that would involve and just how much I needed to love myself and put myself first. So, expecting some predictions, almost 3 years after meeting Dr. Donna turned into a life-changing thing. I am forever grateful, to whatever force it was that led me to this person. Every day, I come across situations where I remember what Dr. Donna taught me. "

~ E. L.  

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