For wholistic business practitioners and healers...
Tap deeper into your authentic self to create effortless success and prevent burnout
-even if you feel like you have exhausted all options trying to be a successful holistic practitioner


  • Learn how to be aligned so that your business will grow continuously

  • Learn how to be an effective co-creator which will keep your business growing and never fear competition

  • Learn how to break the patterns that are blocking your success

  • Learn how to feel naturally energized in your business

  • Learn how to gain the clarity that is needed to be an effective businesswoman and to lead your team


If your business environment feels toxic, you need a mindset makeover.

If you are attracting the wrong clientele, it is time to learn a system to clear your blocks which will help you to attract your ideal clients with ease.

If you keep losing clients even though your methods are helping them, it is time to learn how to clear the blocks so that your clients will stick around and give your referrals.

Imagine consistently creating your ideal practice by gaining clarity to who you are as a spiritual person and a practitioner...

Practitioners can only succeed to the level that they have worked through their blocks.

Clear your blocks by making peace with your own story.

Success and harmony will follow in your business.
Whether you are a solo practitioner or have a team, connection is important.

Self-connection leads to alignment,
which makes you an effortless co-creator.

The result is a business that is abundant and energizing!

Alignment is necessary
in order to have a successful business. 

Authenticity is the key
to alignment.

Spiritual mindset work leads to business success.

Serve with confidence instead of fear!

This program also is great for reviving and skyrocketing your business after going through a major life event.

  • Learn how to keep your story from destroying your business

  • Learn how to prevent emotional burnout after a life-altering event

  • Learn how to balance your business and your emotions while trying to navigate through an emotional storm

  • Learn how to break through your story to create effortless success and stay energized

  • Learn how to stay authentic even when you are feeling unsure of yourself so that you can co-create your ideal business

  • Learn how to find your WHY

  • Learn how to level up even when you want to shrink until you feel better

  • Launch support

Your VIP Experience will include:

  • 1 VIP Day – 7 hours of my undivided attention to design a game plan for your business.

  • 12 one on one-hour-long sessions – one call a week

  • Half hour energy session

  • Email access for 3 months

VIP Day is a 7 hour day. Virtual or in person. Travel expenses not included.

Your Investment: $20,000